New Wonder Woman Footage Debuts (Description)


new wonder woman footage debuts description New Wonder Woman Footage Debuts (Description)

WB recently debuted new Wonder Woman footage in Italy and descriptions have hit the net. It’s more or less a featurette with interviews mixed with the footage.

Spoiler warning as the footage is new.

Wonder Woman hits June 2, 2017 directed by Patty Jenkins starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen. Also be sure to check out 40 new Gal Gadot Wonder Woman images.

ww21 New Wonder Woman Footage Debuts (Description)

Via (translated):

The Wonder Woman footage opens with the footage we’ve already seen (see below) of Wonder Woman on horseback, etc. The movie is described as telling the story of how Wonder Woman comes into the world of man. It’s noted the movie isn’t a love/romance story but is heavy on action.

The story sees Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor arrive on the Amazonian island of Themyscira where he comes into contact with the “salvation of humanity” – the hero that can help them. It’s said Steve teaches Wonder Woman about the world of man. Wonder Woman is described as wearing period clothing (WWI), she’s seen in “rich” clothes at parties, and she gets a lot of looks of wonder and admiration from people.

Behind-the-scenes images from the movie are also shown. It’s also said the movie has a Snyder-vibe to it (Zack and Deborah are producers), but that Wonder Woman has its own personality. 

ww2 New Wonder Woman Footage Debuts (Description)

The character of Wonder Woman is said to be seperate from mankind in that Diana is extemely pure, innocent, good and a heroine. She gets immersed into a world unknown to her, one that will predicatably test her “purity.” She’s amazed and fascinated by the world of man, how different it is, etc.

Some cool footage described includes Wonder Woman using her shield to cover herself from a volley of bullets. It’s said to be a really “beautiful” scene that showcases the violence of the bullets crashing into her shield “like giant horizontal raindrops.”

Another scene features Wonder Woman on horseback with her sword in hand chasing armed soldiers.

Diana is seen in what looks to be her secret civilan identity (and wears glasses, which may be a nod to Clark Kent).

ww4b New Wonder Woman Footage Debuts (Description)

It’s said much of the Wonder Woman film is expected to center around the war and Steve Trevor being a soldier (steals planes, rides on horses, fights soldiers, etc.), and of course Wonder Woman. It’s noted that “curiously” none of the images show the two fighting together. It’s also not shown in any of the footage that there is a romantic link between the pair.

The article also notes the Wonder Woman movie apparently succeeds at what Marvel has failed to do: showcasing a – “male hero in women’s clothing” – meaning a female superhero.

ww29 New Wonder Woman Footage Debuts (Description)

Previously released Wonder Woman featurette: