MTV Launches Its First Manga Webcomic ‘Divination’


Our friends over at MTV Geek launched their first Manga series, Divination.

mtv divinationDIVINATION

Anastasia Kempka’s teenage life is thrown into chaos after she discovers an eerie connection to the afterlife. What she first thinks is her imagination gone wild quickly turns into a shocking reality filled with spirits, demons and angels that ultimately alters her entire existence. Weary of who is friend or foe in this supernatural nightmare, Ana soon finds herself on a path towards an uncertain destiny that will have drastic consequences for both her and the entire world. 
Story: Gina Iorio & Val Staples 
Art: Julia Laud & Dokutoku 
Colors: Val Staples 
Letters: Crank! 
Publisher: MTV Comics
Head on over to MTV Geek to check it out!