Moon Knight Joining The Avengers? Director Talks Season 2, James Gunn, DC

Mohamed Diab opens up about working with Marvel and more.

Mohamed Diab opens up about working with Marvel and more.

Moon Knight Should Join The Avengers: Director Talks Season 2, James Gunn, DC

Marvel Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab opens about the DC universe and talks about Season 2, James Gunn, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and Batman.

In an interview with, interestingly enough, Diab says he achieved less than 80% of his vision for Moon Knight Season 1, which is because of the method Marvel uses to develop its projects.

He also added he wouldn’t have minded using the Hulk because both characters having dual personalities would have been for an interesting dynamic between all four of the personalities (or more).

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What did Mohamed Diab say about James Gunn?

Regarding DC, Mohamed Diab says he is a fan of what James Gunn did with the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and The Suicide Squad.

“I liked James Gunn’s films much more,” Diab said comparing them to the Zack Snyder DCEU movies. “I think he’s a much greater artist and a very clever writer, and he will do excellent work for DC.”

Diab does have a bit of a fair warning for Gunn, though.

“I hope people won’t just criticize him because if he loses the DC audience, he’s done. But he is an artist, and he will create wonderful things,” he said.

Justice League
Justice League

What about Zack Snyder’s Justice League?

Regarding Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Mohamed Diab says he likes it better than the Whedon version, but again says he likes James Gunn better.

“I know that some people don’t like James Gunn, but I see him as a great artist who will do great work,” he said.

Diab added, “Frankly, I didn’t like the past period. The last film, [Zack Snyder’s] Justice League, was significantly better than the first version, but in the end, Snyder’s work in all the movies he made didn’t appeal to me.”

robert pattinson the batman

What about Batman?

Mohamed Diab does say he likes DC’s Dark Knight and would like to do Batman Noir.

“I’m a fan of Batman. I’d like to give Batman a different take, a Noir style,” he said. “A movie with drama. Christopher Nolan made us all see that it’s a dramatic movie about someone with tragedy.”

Diab also talked abou Matt Reeves’ approach.

“The new perspective in The Batman is very nice. Whether it’s Batman or someone else, the idea of a person with a real human story, not just a flying superhero,” he said.

moon knight oscar isaac disney plus

Is Moon Knight Season 2 happening?

Mohamed Diab actually teased a Moon Knight Season 2 with Oscar Isaac back in August of last year, but nothing has been announced by Marvel.

“The question on everyone’s mind, is there a Season 2?” the pair were questioned at the time by the director’s daughter in a video.

Diab seemed caught off guard at the time by the question, but Oscar Isaac teased, “What else would we be doing in Cairo?”

oscar isaac moon knight

Moon Knight joining the Avengers

Diab now adds that he expects Moon Knight to join the Avengers.

“Everything is secret. As of now, I don’t know what the future of Moon Knight is. If you ask me, I think he will join the Avengers world. This is not known, but this is my expectation,” he said.

Last year also saw a scooper offer Moon Knight Season 2 is going to happen, but again, nothing official as of yet.

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