Marvel: ‘Moon Knight’ Season 2 Said To Be In The Works

Kevin Feige may have greenlit the series for another season which could explore the Jake persona.

Marvel: 'Moon Knight' Season 2 Said To Be In The Works

Moon Knight Season 2 is in the works from Marvel for Disney Plus according to a known scooper.

According to Daniel RPK (via Twitter), Moon Knight Season 2 is going to happen.

Last month did see Oscar Isaac and director Mohamed Diab seemingly tease Moon Knight Season 2 in a TikTok video that went viral with 4.6 million views.

The video features the daughter of Mohamed Diab asking, “The question on everyone’s mind, is there a Season 2?”

Mohamed Diab seems caught off guard by the question, but Oscar Isaac responds enthusiastically, “What else would we be doing in Cairo?”

Following the video going viral, Mohamed Diab did respond to a fan on Twitter asking for better Jewish representation in the show where he said nothing is going on.

“There is no talk about a future for the character yet but this is soo valid,” Diab tweeted.

'Moon Knight' wins Emmy Award
‘Moon Knight’ wins Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Editing

Moon Knight wins Emmy Award

Fans have also pointed out that the Marvel Studios Twitter account referred to the final episode as the “season finale” rather than a “series finale,” and the Marvel India Disney Plus Twitter had fun by mentioning Season 2: “Can’t decide what’s harder. Dealing with heat or waiting for the 2nd season of #MoonKnight.”

Recently also saw Moon Knight win an Emmy for Outstanding Sound Editing.

“Congratulations to the sound editing team of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight on their Emmy Award win for Outstanding Sound Editing for a Limited or Anthology Series, Movie or Special,” tweeted the show’s official account.

I’ll add that Moon Knight happens to be my favorite of all the Marvel shows on Disney Plus, so hopefully Kevin Feige has indeed greenlit Season 2.

The first season left us with the Jake persona taking over who kicked all kinds of butt and is revealed to still be working for Khonshu, so there is a lot left to explore.

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