Minority Report TV Series Goes PC: Changes Washington Redskins Name



Well, I was looking foward to Fox’s new Minority Report TV series — that was until they went all PC and changed the name of the Washington Redskins.

Deadline reports the creators behind the Minority Report TV series, which takes place in the year 2065, changed the name of the Washington Redskins to Washington Red Clouds.

Deadline, owned by some rich white guy from NYC, even adds a little spin, like they often do, by referring to the term “Redskins” as a “slur,” which isn’t the case.

Recently in my home town, they changed the name of the high school that had the Redskins as its mascot. The school board even brought in out-of-towners and set up fixed interviews so that the pro-Redskins’ opinions wouldn’t matter (lol). Well, that didn’t work as we recently voted out two anti-Redskin board members in favor of pro-Redskin people. Get this, too: The two new pro-Redskin board members are female, so now what is the PC-police going to do (lol)?

Regarding “Redskins” as a “slur,” I actually spoke to a full-blooded Indian from Arizona that now lives in my home town and has children that go to school with my own. He’s totally for “Redskin” and feels proud by the name. The Indians also name their businesses after “Redskin” and even their schools.

Enough of the PC BS, please (ditto with Disney, Marvel, WB and DC).

Oh, yeah. Regarding “Red Cloud,” he was actually an Indian chief that was one of the U.S. armies fiercest opponents and responsible for one of the largest number of U.S. casualties, around 200, in the Red Cloud War.

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