McNiven On DnA’s Guardians of The Galaxy Costumes: “Don’t really fit these days”



We’ve heard it before, that new Guardians of the Galaxy artist Steve McNiven will be re-designing the costumes, giving them a Tony Stark make-over.

Now in an interview with Newsarma, McNiven says that the Guardians of the Galaxy costumes from DnA’s run – come to be known as the fan-favorite WWI costumes – just don’t fit.

 I’m trying to re-design the whole team here. My approach to the designs was to match them to the characters and to update the look. Double-breasted jackets and outer space adventure don’t really fit these days.

That’s not too surprising though, as McNiven isn’t also aware that there are fans out there who do like the DnA version, such as when he remarks about not knowing there are fans of Star-Lord’s mask.

Was it really? I hadn’t noticed but I’m glad there are big fans of the characters out there!

McNiven even offers that he has been in touch with the Guardians of the Galaxy movie people.

I have been in touch with the movie studio guys and we are all tossing design ideas around, so hopefully we can have some unity between the movie and comic looks.

With that we get Spider-Man and Iron Man references.

Helmet-wise, even Vader pulled the thing off on occasion so I don’t see it as a stretch to have the helmet off when he’s not in combat. It is important to me to have Star-Lord without a mask when we need some acting from him.

One of the great things about Spidey is that he can do a tremendous amount of acting through body language, but most characters, such as Star-Lord, don’t have that ability so we need the facial expressions.

I like the contrast between Tony Stark and Iron Man. The smiling martini sipping Tony changes immediately when the armor is on and the faceplate is down. I want to have that for Star-Lord.

McNiven also says he’s never read Marvel Cosmic.

I’ve never delved into the cosmic Marvel though, either through my reading or drawing.