Matthew McConaughey Too Old For Adam Warlock Says James Gunn (Video)


adam warlock matthew mcconaughey james gunn

A treatment for the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 script happened to feature Adam Warlock, but director James Gunn cut the character and included him as part of a post-credit scene.

47-year-old Matthew McConaughey has been said to have been approached for a role, so was the role for Adam Warlock?

Speaking with IGN, Gunn offers up he thinks Matthew McConaughey is too old for the role of Adam Warlock, and it’s thought Matthew McConaughey was up to play Ego (which went to Kurt Russell) as concept art of Ego features Matthew McConaughey’s likeness (see below).

“I think McConaughey would be too old for the role of Adam Warlock,” Gunn said. “Adam Warlock is basically a baby because he is just being born so… I got a lot of people giving me ideas for Adam Warlock online and I’m like ‘the guys is 65 years old. How can you have him be…?’ It’s Adam Warlock. He’s a baby. I got David Bowie all the time before David passed.”

Gunn continues with mention that in the treatment Adam Warlock was a major character in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

“In the original treatment even before it became a screenplay Adam Warlock was a major character and the screenplay was just too busy,” Gunn said. “There was just too many characters. I couldn’t do Nebula justice and Adam Warlock justice and have them both in there so I decided to save Adam for another day.”  

Gunn also offers he doesn’t want to go into specifics about his version of Adam Warlock but does confirm Adam Warlock will be appearing some time after the next two Avengers movies.