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Matt Damon As Green Arrow & Hush Fan Art

Matt Damon As Green Arrow & Hush Fan Art

With Matt Damon being best buds with Ben Affleck, is it inevitable that Damon will join the DCEU?

Damon recently said he would only join the DCEU if it was something that Ben Affleck directed, well how about Green Arrow?

The DC movies and TV universes are separate, so we won’t be seeing Stephen Amell on the big screen any time soon (unless they adapt Crisis), would Matt Damon make a good Oliver Queen?

If you are on the fence about it, maybe Boss Logic can help:  They put together the following piece of Matt Damon Green Arrow fan art.

Maybe if Matt Damon decides he doesn’t want to play a DC super hero, he might want to play a villain opposite Ben Affleck’s Batman. Boss Logic also put together the following Matt Damon Hush art.