Marvel Out Of Ideas With Kid Venom?

A new version of the popular symbiote is launching but does it make sense?

A new version of the popular symbiote is launching but does it make sense?

Marvel Out Of Ideas With Kid Venom?

Has Marvel Comics run out of ideas as the publisher has announced a new Kid Venom comic book featuring the popular version of the Spider-Man symbiote?

Admittedly, I haven’t read Death of the Venomverse which debuts Kid Venom but just by the look and sound of the character, it seems Kid Venom has put the franchise in the grave, similar to what other kid characters have done such as the Sam Alexander Nova, Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel, etc.

Why would a symbiote bond with a little kid?

Questions that immediately come to mind, and maybe they will be/are answered, include why would a symbiote bond with a little kid?

The alien symbiotes are sentient, so why would they choose a little kid to survive when obviously the better choice would be an adult?

Even if the symbiote amplifies the kid’s strength and powers, when Kid Venom comes up against a villain that is either an adult symbiote or an adult super-powered villain, there is simply no match.

For example, whenever two people of the same experience fight each other in martial arts, it’s the stronger person who will win. That’s also why I don’t like any of the Robin characters in Batman, as again, pitting some little kid against a larger adversary just doesn’t add up (just ask Jason Todd).

So, it just doesn’t make sense for a symbiote to bind with a child.

What’s with the ears?

I think this might be the first time there are ears on a symbiote (correct me if I am wrong). Kid Venom looks more like a drow elf.

What about the hair?

I guess Kid Venom is from 10th-century Japan, so we see Marvel Comics is desperate to get that Anime and Manga audience which is absolutely crushing Marvel Comics sales. That explains the hair.

Marvel Comics announcement below.

Oh, and “Kid Venom” is a terrible name and title.

marvel comics kid venom 1
Written by TAIGAMI 
Art and Cover by TAIGAMI
On Sale 1/3

What is Kid Venom about?


The one-shot will collect all four chapters of Kid Venom’s story from DEATH OF THE VENOMVERSE, along with behind-the-scenes content including the original work that led to Taigami’s exciting journey with Marvel Comics. In addition, KID VENOM: ORIGINS #1 will reveal Taigami’s future plans for the character as both Kintaro and his symbiote Clinter prepare to make the leap to bigger things later next year!

Hailing from 10th century Japan, Kintaro will do anything to protect his village from mysterious symbiote attacks, even if it means bonding to a symbiote of his own! As he attaches himself to a new symbiote entity dubbed Clinter, Kintaro embraces his wild new abilities as Kid Venom! But is he in way over his head when Carnage’s fury swings his way?

On introducing this character to the Marvel Universe, Taigami said: “It is an honor. I was a big fan of the Marvel Universe since I was in school, so this feels unreal that the characters and the stories that I came up with are in that Universe, and I still can’t believe it!

“Kid Venom was based on a one shot that I sent for a manga contest Shonen Magazine and Marvel held in 2018. One of the rules for the contest was [to use a theme or a character from Marvel and write and draw a first episode for a new series] and the theme that I chose was symbiote.  

“The next thing that I thought was who would be the best host for a symbiote. There were already many Venoms and there were enough variations, so I thought it had be something totally new to be recognized. In Japan there are several famous folklores such as ‘Momotaro’ and ‘Urashimataro.’ Among them, there is a story of ‘Kintaro.’ The legend is about a boy who was strong, lived with his mother in Mount Ashigara. He later was hired by Minamoto Yorimitsu, a very high ranked samurai and defeats many yokai. Later he becomes one of the four samurais of Minamoto Yorimitsu. This story is a mix of folklore and a historical story from the Heian Era of Japan. So when I mixed Symbiote to the legend of Kintaro, ‘Kid Venom’ was born.”

On Kid Venom’s future, Taigami shared: “The story that I had the chance to work on this time is just a small part of Kintaro and the symbiote in the Heian Era. How Kintaro come to be and what will happen to him? And how will that world and the modern world will be connected? I hope I can have fun working on those story deeply. And I hope that my story will become a starting point for the people to know and have interest in the Japanese legends and cultures for the people around the world.”

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