Marvel Officially Announces End Of Fantastic Four



At today’s Axel In Charge NYCC panel, it was announced that Marvel is officially cancelling the Fantastic Four comic book.

It was stated the comic will be returning to it’s original numbering and blue costumes before “going away for a while.”

Writer James Robinson said the following:

 “The challenge of the Fantastic Four is that you’re taking the legacies of fantastic writers before me. I wanted to do something that was my own voice. I know when we saw the book, it was pitched the downfall of the Fantastic Four. Are you surprised that it’s not dark and depressing?”

“Everyone will have their moment, every character will be in it and represented.”

“I just want to show people that you will not leave this book with a bad taste in your mouth.”

“This is what I will say: When I started this book, some people were open to it, but there was a lot of negativity because I heard, ‘Oh, my God — James Robinson is going to do this dark, depressing Fantastic Four book. Who cares? That’s not what we want!’ I think I surprised everybody in that the book is still, I think, a pretty good Fantastic Four book. It has all those elements that we like about the book. There’s definitely been a groundswell of people — ‘This is a good book, Leonard Kirk’s art is wonderful.’ At the end of the day, nobody that likes the Fantastic Four will have a bad taste in their mouth. That’s all I can say. I’m not going to let anybody down, I’m not going to leave this book on a bad note. I love these characters.”

“That’s the thing — everyone’s upset now because the book is going away. Are they buying the book? I don’t know if they are. A lot of it is just people like to get online and moan and complain. I guarantee you if you kill of any character, the most obscure character, you’ll get one angry person that claims it was their favorite character. Jack Frost, golden age character, they’ve done something to him. Where’s the razor blades, I’m slashing my wrists. People do that on the internet the internet, so you have to take that with a grain of salt.”