Marvel Fans Ruined Zack Snyder’s Justice League


In what comes as no surprise, Kevin Feige’s Marvel zombie audience is apparently responsible for ruining Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie.

I refer to them as “zombies” because they eat up everything Marvel even if it’s not any good and follow the masses much like a brain dead zombie.

The info comes from Snyder’s Justice League storyboard artist on Twitter, Jay Oliva, who also happens to be known for directing some super cool DC animated films.

“I’m sure a lot of important WB execs are noticing what’s trending on social media. Why would an intern have to ‘bug’ a higher up about it?” Olvia responded to a fan on Twitter. “Don’t you know what interns do at a studio? Execs have smartphones and are constantly on social media. Btw I worked on the SCOOB movie.”

Olvia continues with the mention that apparently the WB execs were influenced by social media to make Justice League more like a goofy Marvel movie.

“In fact this whole mess is BECAUSE of execs reading social media and believing it to be the gospel truth. The whole ‘it’s too dark, needs more jokes, it’s colorless, it should be more like Marvel, etc’ you can trace back to the bandwagon of social media. So yah I think it works,” Oliva said.

Marvel zombies

DC films are better darker, leave the goofy stuff for Marvel

It’s unfortunate that DC execs chose to listen to the Marvel zombie type fans, who are arguably the vocal minority, especially on Reddit and Twitter.

We can simply point to the recent Joker movie as an example of a dark comic book movie that was a huge success which laughs in the face of the Marvel fans — Joker happens to be the most profitable comic book movie of all time, even more profitable than Disney and Marvel’s The Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War.

The good news is that those WB execs that messed things up with Zack Snyder’s Justice League appear to no longer be involved with the DC movies, as new execs are in charge — execs that ironically have been involved in WB’s popular and successful horror films (though there is question if Wonder Woman 1984 is facing problems due to the Marvel approach as well as James Gunn’s apparent goofy take on The Suicide Squad; worth a mention is that Shazam! didn’t do all that well).

Regarding Kevin Feige’s Marvel movies, they recently came under fire by legendary directors Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola for not being considered “cinema,” as Feige simply releases the same movie over and over again for the most part with zero stakes.

“I was asked a question about Marvel movies. I answered it. I said that I’ve tried to watch a few of them and that they’re not for me, that they seem to me to be closer to theme parks than they are to movies as I’ve known and loved them throughout my life, and that in the end, I don’t think they’re cinema,” Scorsese recently said.

Zack Snyder also refers to Feige’s MCU as “popcorn” flicks.