Marvel Fans Don’t Remember The X-Men Says Capcom


marvel vs capcom infinite x men

This is most assuredly to blow up in the face of Capcom.

The new Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite game was recently revealed with the game having no X-Men characters, which is upsetting a lot of fans.

In an interview at GameSpot with Capcom producers Peter Rosas and Mike Evans, the pair are asked about the rumors surrounding the X-Men characters being a part of the game and about people being hung up on the X-Men characters.

Rosas and Evans both downplayed use of the X-Men in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite as Rosas basically says the X-Men characters can be replaced, and that fans really don’t care about the characters, but only the available moves.

If you were to actually think about it, these characters are just functions. They’re just doing things. Magneto, case and point, is a favorite because he has eight-way dash and he’s really fast, right? So our more technical players, all they want to do is triangle jump and that kind of stuff. Well guess what, Nova can do the same thing, Captain Marvel can do the same thing. Ultron can do the same thing. Go ahead and try them out.

It’s just the function that people are associating with the character, and there’s no shortage of that. We made sure that all proper play styles can be represented with our current roster. The design team has been looking at that very closely. We wanted to make sure that if a legacy character doesn’t happen to make the roster this time, that play style would still be represented. That somebody who has associated themselves with Magneto wouldn’t be lost coming into this title.

Now Evans goes so far as to suggest that the Marvel fans won’t even remember the X-Men:

Then the third one is obviously the popularity of these characters. X was one we had to get in there. A lot of fans wanted to see X, so we brought him back. Then also we talked with Marvel very closely about their future roadmap, about what’s gonna be happening. Your modern Marvel fan, maybe they don’t even remember some of the X-Men characters, but they know some of the Guardians characters or Black Panther. You know what I mean? Captain Marvel may seem like a strange pick, but she’s fantastic. She fits the gameplay. She fits the story, and they’re gonna be really pushing her as a strong female lead all the way up into the movie. We’re trying to take everything into account and choose the best characters.

Interestingly enough, Evans also said he couldn’t talk about the X-Men stuff earlier in the interview, which we can guess is because Marvel may have not allowed them in the game, as reportedly Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter has certain mandates against using the X-Men due to a quarrel with Fox Studios (that may or may not be over). 

I can’t help but wonder what Capcom would think if those so-called modern Marvel fans who actually can remember the X-Men simply boycotted the game for not having X-Men?

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite is also getting additional heat from fans as the character art is really bad and nowhere near as good as Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3.

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite is due out in September.