Marvel Disney+ 2024: Echo, Agatha, X-Men

Three shows will be released on the streaming service next year.

Three shows will be released on the streaming service next year.

Marvel Disney+ 2024: Echo, Agatha, X-Men

Disney+ has confirmed the Marvel shows that will be released in 2024 which includes Echo, Agatha, and the X-Men animated series.

Echo info:

Marvel has already announced the release date and released the trailer for Echo.

A Disney+ press release further confirms:

Marvel Studios’ ‘Echo’ will arrive on 10 January 2024, with all episodes available. The series tells the origin story of Maya Lopez, whose ruthless behaviour in New York City catches up with her in her hometown. She must face her past, reconnect with her Native American roots, and embrace the meaning of family and community if she ever hopes to move forward. 

agatha darkhold diaries

Agatha info:

With the release of the WandaVision Blu-Ray, fans have also gotten a first look at the upcoming Agatha series which also stars Aubrey Plaza. The Disney+ info doesn’t confirm a release date but at least states the series is getting released next year:

Marvel fans can also look forward to the highly anticipated ‘Agatha: Darkhold Diaries’ series arriving in 2024, with Kathryn Hahn reprising her fan-favourite role of Westview’s resident Darkhold reader, Agatha.

X-Men 97 Disney Plus

X-Men info:

Regarding the X-Men animated series, it’s probably the most-anticipated Marvel series on Disney+ in a long time. Again, no specific release date, but it’s said to be getting released next year as well:

Upcoming animated Disney+ original series from Marvel Studios, ‘X-Men ’97’ also arrives on the platform in 2024.

daredevil born again

What about Daredevil: Born Again?

Originally thought to be released sometime next year, it’s likely the series won’t see the light of day until 2025.

As my insiders first told you, Kevin Feige is retooling the series. New writers and directors have been brought on board as the series is getting overhauled.

Marvel TV on Disney+

A report from back in September also offered the following details about Marvel TV release dates. It has also been announced What If…? Season 2 will debut Dec. 22.

MCU TV release date schedule:

  • What If…? S2 — Christmas 2023
  • Echo — Jan. 2024
  • X-Men ’97 — early 2024
  • Agatha: Darkhold Diaries — early fall 2024
  • Ironheart — undated
  • Daredevil: Born Again — filming on pause / undated
  • Wonder Man — filming on pause / undated

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