Marvel Developing Second Comedy Series



In addition to Damage Control, it’s learned Marvel is developing a second comedy TV series.

ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee revealed the news to IGN at the Television Critics Association press tour.

Lee didn’t offer any specific details other than: “In the long term, we’d love it to be [on ABC]. We definitely want to do Marvel comedies as well as dramas and of course, as you know, we supply lots of dramas to Netflix.”

Regarding Damage Control, which is said to be a half hour, single camera sitcom about the people who clean up the messes left by superheroes battling in their city, Lee offered: “That’s the one that’s going to be coming out this season. I haven’t read it yet. I can’t wait to see it. We hope it’s going to be great.”

DC is also developing a comedy series of their own with Powerless, which was recently picked up by NBC. Lee offered the following when asked if there was any concern over the competition: “Our job is to make great television. We pick up the best scripts we can, we put in the best casts. Our job is to make great TV.”

ABC also green lit the Agents Of SHIELD Mockingbird spinoff, Marvel’s Most Wanted.