Blade Turmoil: Drops Plot, Getting ‘Retooled’ Again

More changes said to be happening for the flick as the script gets revised once again.

blade turmoil drops plot retooled


  • The Blade movie is currently undergoing changes
  • Michael Green is writing the latest draft of the script
  • The plot may involve Blade training a young girl to fight against a villain who wants to create an army of Daywalkers

It’s another day in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it’s another day that it is said the Blade movie is undergoing changes.

The latest claim surrounding the flick, which seems to be in development hell, is that Blade has dropped part of its plot and is once again getting “retooled” (where have we heard that before?).

The movie has gone through numerous directors and writers, with Michael Green of Logan writing the latest draft of the script.

Blade Fan art
Fan art

What is said about Blade?

Regarding what is now said about Blade, the Can We Get Some Toast Twitter account is stating that Blade is currently getting retooled by Michael Green.

The account adds that Blade has dropped part of the plot involving the flick being a period piece, and an additional tidbit is that it is claimed Blade will be filming in the UK.

Actor drops out

Update: In an interview with Variety, actor Aaron Pierre (Genius, The Underground Railroad, Krypton) says he was supposed to star in the movie alongside Mahershala Ali, but is no longer attached to the project.

“Early on, there were conversations,” Pierre said of his involvement. “As the project evolved, I’m no longer part of that — attached.”

Blade fan art
Fan art

What is the plot of Blade?

According to all the rumors, the plot of Blade involves it being set in the past, in the 1920s or so, and being all about the daughter of Blade and/or Blade training a female protégé.

It has been said Lilith will be featured as the villain who is going after Blade’s daughter’s blood to create an army of Daywalkers, and that Lilith’s weapon is the Ebony Blade.

It’s also been said the flick will be set in the 1920s with Blade training a young child, a girl, who might either be his daughter, Dracula’s daughter, or another vampire child.

We can add now we probably see why they brought Michael Green on as the writer as the plot sounds a lot like Logan, with Wolverine and X-23.

So according to the rumor, Blade is in part getting retooled to drop the period piece from the plot, which sounds like instead, the film will be set in the present day.

Whether that means if additional changes to the plot are happening is unknown, but numerous reports have said two time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali hasn’t been happy and is now actively involved with developing the movie.

It’s also been suggested the release date will be pushed back to 2026, as currently, Marvel has four movies getting released in 2025.

The release date is set for November 7, 2025; Yann Demange is directing.

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