Marc Guggenheim Talks Vixen Animated Series



A couple of months ago saw WB announce the new Vixen animated series, which is set in the same universe as Arrow and The Flash.

Now EP Marc Guggenheim sheds some light on the project.

“We’re going to do basically an animated spinoff,” Guggenheim told SciFiNow. “It’s a six-part origin story, but characters from The Flash and Arrow are prominently involved. It’s in the continuity and the world.”

Guggenheim also says Grant Gustin of The Flash and Stephen Amell of Arrow may appear.

“The response has been very favorable,” Guggenheim offered. “I can’t speak for them, but all signs are good.”

It’s also possible that some time down the line Vixen could turn in to a live-action show, which Guggenheim says he is open to.

“If the character resonates with people, that would be wonderful,” said Guggenheim. “I would love to be in a position where CW said to us, ‘Hey, we want a Vixen live-action show.’ We’ll have to see how things play out.”

Vixen is set to debut on the CW’s digital offshoot propery, Seed, in the Fall.