The Man of Steel Movie Big Wigs are Influencing the Superman Comic Book – And It’s Terrible

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Hmmm…very interesting. Very interesting.

I’ll say the New 52 started off with a bang, but for me, it has really fizzled.

Just about every first issue was top notch, save perhaps a handful.

However, lately most of the New 52 – again for me – seems to be a mess.

I am of the opinion that the stories didn’t reflect what the writers wanted to really put in, that while we readers were promised just that, Editorial (or I guess above that) added their two cents — which is what it’s barely worth.

I’m not going to name comics, but there have been this many creative changes on this many books, writers getting dumped, artists exiting etc. I don’t know, just from reading some of the stuff, it didn’t make too much sense, didn’t feel or read write. Maybe it’s just me.

And now Superman writer and artist George Perez offers his own version of events.

Seems the Superman comic didn’t exactly go as he planned as those “above” wanted it – I guess – a particular way. And what is interesting is that this comes from above DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan Didio, who personally asked Perez to take on Superman.

Yeah, it’s from the WB movie execs.

Things are being second guessed left and right, a case of too many chiefs, not enough Indians now. Whether it will work? Who am I to say. They want it to be like Hollywood, and it’s becoming like Hollywood, in producing comics, and what you have is a corporate room deciding where things are going to go. And part of the reason for me leaving Superman is that I had certain ideas I wanted to do unfortunately, stuff that they okay one day, they would change their mind the next day, and it was becoming way too difficult, slowing us down. That was unfortunate. I hope they succeed for the industry’s sake, in the case of Superman they didn’t want a writer, they wanted a typewriter. They have to deal with people producing the movie, who also had a say in what’s going on in the comic as well. My one fear, I’m not producing a comic, I’m producing a storyboard for a movie, that’s not what I wanted to do.

So George Perez informs us what happened with his Superman; the people on the movie are having a say in what’s going on in the comic. Though Grant Morrison can do as he pleases with Action Comics, without anybody else knowing apparently.

I sure hope the Man of Steel movie fares better than that.

Probably explains the new costume change as well, though DiDio denies that.

George Perez continues on talking about Power Girl, and the cluster-bleep of the new costume over at Bleeding Cool or here for the full audio.

So how many creative changes on Superman so far, guys?