Man of Steel 2 Rumors Include Brainiac & Supergirl


man steel 2 rumors

With renewed talk of Man of Steel 2 happening, a cool video goes over the rumors surrounding the Superman sequel.

The latest news about Man of Steel 2 is that it’s in development, and that Man of Steel 2 is considered a top priority at WB.

It’s possible Man of Steel 2 may even have a November 2019 release date.

Regarding the Man of Steel 2 rumors, watch the video below by the ComicBookCast2 YouTube channel below going into further depth. Some of the highlights for the Man of Steel 2 rumors include:

• Potential tiles for Man of Steel 2: “Superman: Last Son” or “Superman: Last Son of Krypton.”

• Geoff Johns and Zack Snyder have written the Man of Steel 2 story.

• JJ Abrams has been approached to direct Man of Steel 2 (read more rumors here).

• Doug Liman was considered (now directing Justice League Dark).

• Zack Snyder is still interested in directing Man of Steel 2.

• Zack Snyder and Geoff Johns want to complete a Superman Trilogy.

• Brainiac is the villain of Man of Steel 2.

Man of Steel 2 opens with a Krypton sequence featuring Zod vs Brainiac in a battle for Kandora.

• Supergirl is a soldier trapped by Brainiac.

• General Sam Lane would have a small role in Man of Steel 2 with the potential to be built up as a bigger antagonist for a later film.

• Lois Lane is said to have small role.

Man of Steel 2 story mainly focuses on Superman, Brainiac and Krypton.

• Capital city of Hawkman’s homeworld (Thanagar) will be in Brainiac’s collection.

• Martian Manhunter was discussed in that he would chase Brainiac to Earth after capturing his race and family.

• Superman will travel to space (guessed deep space).

• Supergirl will meet Superman in Brainiac’s ship.

• In Man of Steel 2, Superman fights Brainiac twice: first in space and then on Earth.

• Justice League shows at the end of Man of Steel 2 to assist Superman against Brainiac.

Man of Steel 2 rumors video:

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