Sony and ‘Madame Web’ Producers Mad At Dakota Johnson Over Comments

Insiders say the actress threw them under the bus and she should take blame, too.

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  • Dakota Johnson faces backlash from Sony and producers of Madame Web over negative comments about the movie
  • Insiders claim Johnson is being accused of not taking responsibility for the film’s failure and is being looked down upon by the production team
  • Johnson’s comments suggest that the studio interfered with the movie and changed a lot of it, indicating that she is not at fault

It’s claimed that the bosses over at Sony and the producers behind Madame Web are ticked off at Dakota Johnson over her recent negative comments about the movie.

The film is one of the worst-performing superhero movies off all time and arguably one of the worst ever made. Now is that her fault?

So in a recent interview following the release, Dakota Johnson said she probably will never do anything like Madame Web again, and she blamed the studio for a lot of interference.

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In hot water with Sony

Well, according to the Daily Mail, following those comments, Dakota Johnson is now said to be in hot water with Sony brass regarding “making multiple public digs” at the movie – which is a part of Sony’s Marvel Spider-Man spinoff universe – and the poor box office performance, which is only at $93 million worldwide.

According to the site, insiders have filled them in that Dakota Johnson is being accused of “dragging” the film and failing to “take any responsibility” after admitting she hadn’t seen the film herself (note: she is not listed as the director, a writer, or a producer).

“Lots of people at Sony are questioning her star power, and how she reacted to this failure will likely come back to haunt her,” insiders told

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“Dakota is being looked down on”

The insider says that while Sydney Sweeney joking about Madame Web on SNL was okay because it was considered a “playful joke” (which averaged 4 million viewers), Sony aren’t at all happy with Johnson’s comments.

“Not every movie is going to work, but a lot of hard work is put towards even bad movies, and for your star to sh-t on it is a bad look,” said the insiders.

The insiders claim Dakota Johnson would be singing a different tune if Madame Web was a success.

“Dakota is being looked down on over her talk of the film because everyone in the production is thinking, what if the movie was still the same but also a box office gem?” they said. “She would be talking about sequels and probably praising herself over its good fortune.”

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How does she take responsibility?

We could fire back at these insiders that of course if the movie was a success she would be singing a different tune (duh), but it wasn’t. It’s a massive failure.

How is Dakota Johnson supposed to take responsibility for that? Did she hire the same failed writers from Morbius? Did she hire the director who didn’t deserve to be anywhere near a superhero movie with a ten foot pole? Was it her decision not to feature the girls in their costumes until the end of the movie (AND did you see what they all wore to the premiere?!)? According to what Johnson said, Sony brass changed a lot of the movie. How’s that her fault?

You know what it sounds as if she is taking responsible for? Being involved with the movie from the get go. Smart girl. I can’t blame her for that.

I also don’t see Johnson’s name mentioned below.

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