Lin-Manuel Miranda Wants To Play Marvel’s Carnage


lin manuel miranda carnage Lin-Manuel Miranda Wants To Play Marvel's Carnage

Way back prior to Spider-Man: Homecoming a Venom and Carnage movie was said to be in development. Sony actually does have Spider-Man spinoffs in the works, so Carnage can't be ruled out.

Now it's learned Lin-Manuel Miranda, known for being a Broadway superstar with Hamilton, has thrown his name into the mix.

A podcaster mentions they spoke with Lin-Manuel Miranda who uses his musical background to get him in the door of Disney. Well, Disney owns Marvel, and Lin-Manuel Miranda happens to be a big fan of Marvel who said he wants to play Carnage.

It's reported if Disney and Marvel Studios ever think of doing a Maximum Carnage movie that Lin-Manuel Miranda wants to play the role of Carnage. It's further noted that what Lin-Manuel Miranda said wasn't just talk, but that he genuinely wants to play the character and is a big fan.

Lin-Manuel Miranda happens to be "super hot" and popular right now with Disney, as he is doing Little Mermaid and other "secret" projects for Disney, so it's speculated Lin-Manuel Miranda might be trying to get something started for Carnage. Lin-Manuel Miranda also happens to be a massive comic book fan and read them as a kid, so he might not be a bad choice.

Watch him in action below with his SNL monologue: