Leaked: Ghostbusters 3 Plot Details



Leaked Sony e-mails a a result of an attack on the company’s servers have already revealed a list of possible actors for Ghostbusters 3 as well as a potenial spinoff starring Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt.

Now the latest to have leaked is potential plot details as e-mails from Paul Feig reveal the director’s ideas for the reboot.

Vulture got their hands on the following, which may be considered spoilers for the film if they make their way into the final script of Ghostbusters 3:

Feig explains Ghostbusters 3 is  reboot and not a sequel: Humans aren’t afraid of no ghosts, he says, because they haven’t met them yet.

The film will be “scarier and more hi-tech” than the original Ghostbusters.

The villain will be a convicted murderer, ideally played by Peter Dinklage, who turns into a ghost after his execution is hit by “a supercharged electrical storm.”  

This gives the villain the power to raise an army of ghosts, which could be made up of famous villains throughout history.

These ghosts than will have to be busted by “four very different women” who have to “figure out in funny, scary and action-packed ways how to save New York City and the world.” 

Other details mentioned include:

For greater franchise opportunities, Feig tells Pascal that the Ghostbusters will work for the U.S. government, but because ghosts don’t officially exist, the government will have to continually disavow their relationship. 

Feig offers a tidbit about Cecily Strong’s character as she is described as the new Ghostbusters‘ bureaucratic nemesis who is “always saying terrible things about them in press conferences and then apologizing to them behind the scenes.”