Leaked: Sony Plans To Sue Bill Murray & Potential Ghostbusters 3 Cast



On top of all the leaked Spider-Man information, now details for Sony’s Ghostbusters 3 reboot have become known.

Paul Feig’s new Ghostbusters will feature an all-female cast. Feig previously stated he would make room for the original actors, but in all new roles. Of course, Sony would love to have Bill Murray on board; however, the actor has been reluctant to participate.

Now leaked e-mails reveal Sony plans to sue Bill Murray if Murray declines to be in the third Ghostbusters film, which must mean Bill Murray is contractually obligated to appear.

An e-mail (via The Daily Beast) from David Steinberg, head of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s legal department, to Leah Weil, SPE’s general counsel, mentions Murray’s reluctance and Sony’s subsequent response with potential litigation. It’s noted they didn’t want to publicize the matter as the publicity would be bad for Sony with Murray being such a fan-favorite celebrity.

“In order to more fully evaluate our position if Bill Murray again declines to engage on ‘Ghostbusters’, AG requested that we identify ‘aggressive’ litigation counsel with whom we can consult to evaluate our alternatives and strategize. [Harkening back to his prior employer, of course, raised the name of David Boies.] Personally, while I’m fine with aggressive, I think we are in much worse shape if this goes public so seems to me we should look for someone who isn’t seeking the spotlight.”

A separate e-mail then lists the possible cast for Ghostbusters 3, which includes Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Melissa McCarthy. Lawrence recently stated she took a meeting with Feig as well.

“Agree that everyone is way too nervous about how this issue and how we. present it but it’s isn’t a sequel to the 80s movies and it is gonna be totally original with completely different characters and our job is to find a clever way to connect the movie to the original franchise so that we can use all the assets and everything that is great about the original franchise,” the email read. “Paul’s movie is gonna be the first one and from what I’m hearing jennifer lawrence and Emma stone and Melissa McCarthy and Amy schumer and liszzy [Lizzy] Kaplan just to name a few have already said thy wanted to be in….”