Lakeith Stanfield Wants To Play Joker


With rumors offering Michael B. Jordan may play Superman, how about Lakeith Stanfield as the Joker?

Speaking in an interview with Deadline, Lakeith Stanfield touches upon the success of Sorry to Bother You by noting people dressed as his character, Cassius Green, for Halloween and says the same will happen when he plays Joker. 

“I want people to dress up as me as black Joker, when that inevitably happens,” says Stanfield, with the article noting that he is not kidding, and that while earlier generations wanted to play Hamlet, today’s definition of a true artistic coup is landing the part of Batman’s lead villain. “I just think there are so many things that haven’t been touched yet in terms of how the performance can be delivered,” he says, adding, “When I make the movie myself.” 

Lakeith Stanfield is also known for the Atlanta TV series and has Uncut Germs, Someone Great, and Rian Johnson’s Knives Out coming next year.

He actually previously reached out to Martin Scorsese to play the Joker back when the Todd Phillips Joker movie was first announced.

“Scorsese I’d like to play the Joker,” Stanfield tweeted in August.

Stanfield also dressed as Joker for Twitter back in August as well:

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