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Krull Remake Should Be Made!

Matt McGloin Posted: 01/08/2013 - 14:57 COMMENT


How about a Krull remake?

1983 saw the debut of Star Wars meets Dungeons & Dragons with -- Krull!

I was 8 years young at the time and remember being awestruck by the planet Krull and its inhabitants as they went on a quest to free the princess, vanquish The Beast, and save the galaxy! Aliens from the future had invaded the planet Krull in an attempt to take over the universe! Only a prophecy, a future king and queen, and their offspring, stood in its way! As the trailer below quips, "This could never happen on Earth!"


The film also featured one of the most iconic movie scores - ever - from composer James Horner (listen below) that is right up there with the likes of the John Williams Star Wars and Superman themes. Krull also produced a board game as well as a Marvel Comics series.

And the movie's protagonist, Prince Colwyn, played by Ken Marshall, wielded his own adamantium-boomerang known as "the Glaive!" How cool is that?

To boot, Krull also featured an early appearance by none other than Liam Neeson, a member of the band of fugitives that aids Prince Colwyn on his quest.

Krull Remake

While the movie did end up bombing at the box office - raking in only around $16 million with a whopping $50 million budget - now would be the perfect time for a Krull remake.

Obviously, Krull was an attempt to emulate George Lucas' Star Wars, and also at the same time back then Dungeons & Dragons was huge. Krull is fantasy meets science-fiction, and while D&D is no longer what it was, in its place is another epic fantasy that is currently riding high at the box office of which Krull seemingly borrowed heavily from -- Lord of the Rings (The Hobbit), and we are getting new Star Wars movies starting in 2015.

So in the midst of all the Hollywood reboots with Total Recall, Star Trek, Robocop, ad infinitum, why not a Krull remake?

Now admittedly the movie did have its problems, with just about everyone that has seen the movie agreeing that the Glaive wasn't used enough and when it was, was disappointing (really, it gets stuck in The Beast?!). While the conclusion to the movie may have had some minor issues, even the most stringent reviewer has to agree that everything else including the Slayers were darn cool! And the sounds effects that were used for The Beast's minions were just as good in addition to a stellar ensemble of characters!

Krull remake

Krull featured the cyclops, Rell (Bernard Bresslaw), who was cursed with the foreknowledge of his own death; so when his fellow travelers were pinned down by the Slayers he knew enough that he was practically invincible and took them on all on his own! And the scene when Rell realized the old Seer had been replaced was spine-tingling!

Ynyr the Old One (Freddie Jones) plays the Obi-Wan role giving Corwyn advice along the way and enabling him to find The Beast's teleporting Black Fortress (a spaceship!) by sacrificing himself with one last encounter of the love of his life, the cursed Widow of the Web, guarded by an evil giant Spider. 


Another character that is featured is Ergo "the Magnificent" (David Battley), a wizard-like jester who offers some humor to the movie. Actually, I remember despising the character back then, but at the end of the movie he did redeem himself by taking the young Titch under his wing.

And who didn't take notice of the red-headed vixon, Lysette Anthony, who played Princess Lyssa?

Another plus for the movie is that at the end -- almost everyone dies! The cast includes a dozen and a half or so with only less than a handful surviving! How often does that happen? 


With the special effects at Hollywood's disposal today as well as an update and rewrite on the script, Krull could be what it was initially supposed to be -- an epic science-fiction blockbuster! And the ending of Krull even left room for -- a sequel (I'm still waiting for it)!

Check out the Krull trailer and music score:


Krull remake