‘Kraven The Hunter’ Casts Fred Hechinger As Chameleon


The Spider-Man spinoff movie, Kraven the Hunter, has cast its Chameleon as Fred Hechinger will play the classic Spidey foe who also happens to be the half-brother of the titular character, played by Aaron-Taylor Johnson.

Fred Hechinger is known for The White Lotus TV series and the Pam & Tommy series.

Recently also saw Russell Crowe added to the cast.

In the comics, Chameleon is Dmitri Smerdyakov who is the illegitimate son of of the patriarch of the Russian Kravinoff family who due to being poorly treated by his father (thought to be Crowe) and half-brother (Kraven) eventually becomes a master of disguise and a Soviet spy.

Marvel Chameleon

Chameleon is a master of disguise and a spy

Marvel.com describes Chaemelon and Kraven’s relationship with Spider-Man in part as follows:

Chameleon was deported back to Russia, but returned soon after, having given up being a spy, and turned instead to a life of crime. Stymied again by the wall-crawler, Chameleon invited his half-brother, now known as Kraven the Hunter, to America to capture Spider-Man. The duo worked together, with Chameleon even dressing as Kraven to fool Spidey. Ultimately, though, both were defeated and deported by freighter where they bribed a sailor to set them loose in a lifeboat near Long Island. They came ashore right by Tony Stark’s munitions factory and Kraven was quickly captured by Iron Man. Chameleon concealed his presence but decided to prove his superiority over Kraven by defeating the armored Avenger. Disguising himself as Captain America, Chameleon contacted Iron Man and convinced him that he was the real Captain America and that the Captain America at Avengers Mansion was really Chameleon. Iron Man and Captain America fought it out until Giant-Man captured Chameleon and revealed the truth.

Kraven The Hunter has a Jan. 13, 2023 release date directed by J.C. Chandor, with Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach producing, and Art Marcum & Matt Holloway and Richard Wenk wrote the screenplay.

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