First Look At The Kitchen

First Look At Kitchen

Warner Bros. releases a first look at the DC Comics Vertigo movie, The Kitchen, which has officially started filming. offers the movie is not a comedy but a crime drama, set in Hell’s Kitchen and based on the Vertigo comic-book series, that follows three 1970s housewives who — in the event of their mobster husbands’ incarceration — take Irish Mafia matters into their own hands, dealing with the competition more viciously and voraciously than anyone expected.

“It’s about these individuals instead of the Mafia as an entity,” says Melissa McCarthy, who plays Kathy, a devoted mother of two whose initial reluctance to enter the criminal domain is eventually diminished by her deft abilities. “It was more about three people who are put down and held back finally breaking out. There was much more humanity to it, which also made it scarier.”

Details for the characters includes:

Melissa McCarthy is playing an adoring mother who leads the women’s charge to take over the business.

Tiffany Haddish plays a woman willing to kill anyone in the way of her plan.

Elizabeth Moss plays a timid wife of an abusive husband who falls in love with the violence of her new life.

Margo Martindale is playing a woman who runs the Irish mob behind the scenes.

Bill Camp plays the boss of a Brooklyn Italian crime family.

Brian D’Arcy James plays McCarthy’s husband.

Domhnall Gleeson is playing Gabriel O’Malley, an intense Vietnam vet who works for the neighborhood gangsters as a hitman before skipping town to avoid the police. He returns to settle scores when the wives take over.

Andrea Berloff is writing and directing The Kitchen which has a September 20, 2019 release date.


The Kitchen