Keanu Reeves Rumored For MCU


Apparently, Keanu Reeves was up for a part in the MCU as it is rumored he was originally wanted for a role in Captain Marvel.

According to the rumor, Keanu Reeves was all set to play Yon-Rogg, the leader of the Kree Starforce team, but due to John Wick 3 couldn’t do the role, so Jude Law got the part.

The info comes from the Hashtag Show who tweeted, “If not for John Wick 3, he’d have been Yon-Rogg. He was set to take the role and then, when he had to drop out, they moved SUPER QUICK on Jude Law.”

Assuming the info is legit, it obviously means that Marvel Studios has their eye on Keanu Reeves. I’m actually kind of glad he didn’t take on the Yon-Rogg role in Captain Marvel. I wouldn’t mind him having a larger part in the MCU.

While Keanu Reeves was up for a role in Captain Marvel, sticking with the cosmic theme, how about Reeves as Silver Surfer? Adam McKay is interested in directing the movie, so cross your fingers.

Keanu Reeves actually said he is interested in playing Wolverine, and fan art of the actor has gone viral.

“Of the two, I’d love to play Wolverine,” Reeves said in a recent interview when asked if given the chance would he play Batman or Wolverine and added that Wolverine is the only character he wants to play. “I don’t have one, to be candid,” Reeves responded when asked if there was another comic book role he would like to tackle.

Check out the fan art below. Who should Keanu Reeves play in the MCU?

Keanu Reeves Wolverine

Keanu Reeves Wolverine

Keanu Reeves Wolverine