Justin Kucsulain Teases The Sentry


justin kucsulain sentry

It’s been rumored a movie based on The Sentry might be in the works, and now an actor is seemingly teasing the role.

Justin Kucsulain, who actually had a unnamed role in Iron Man 3 (played a guard), took to his Instagram account to post images of The Sentry Marvel comic books and an action figure.

“Gathered some amazing reading material today,” Kucsulain posted a week ago, adding a “wink” to the post.

Of course it’s possible Justin Kucsulain may just be having some fun with the fans and reading up on the character, but you have to admit the actor does resemble Robert Reynolds, aka The Sentry. Kucsulain also played Ethan on The Walking Dead.

The Sentry is basically Marvel’s equivalent to Superman, but with a dark twist. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing the Dark Avengers on the big screen.

Other Marvel Phase 4 rumors included Nova.


•⚡•️Gathered some amazing reading material today.

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