Justice League DCEU Movie Rumors Shot Down By Nightwing Director Chris McKay


justice league dceu rumors chris mckay Justice League DCEU Movie Rumors Shot Down By Nightwing Director Chris McKay

A batch of Justice League DCEU rumors basically gets shot down by The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay who is said to be circling the Nightwing film.

The DCEU rumors were posted to 4Chan and then the DCEULeaks subreddit.

Chris McKay took to Twitter to respond to the Nightwing rumors offering,” I would be very skeptical of this doc.”

The doc in question is a partial screen grab of a list of DCEU rumors that also includes Gotham City Sirens, Aquaman, Batgirl, The Batman, Shazam, Man of Steel 2, Black Adam, Suicide Squad 2, Justice League 2 and more.

I’ll say why more often than not most 4Chan rumors usually turn out to be not true, some of them do turn out to be partially correct such as the 4Chan Guardians of the Galaxy 2 rumors

Here is the list of DCEU rumors for the record, which includes release dates:

Nightwing- July 13th, 2018

• Will begin shooting in September. Filming will take around three months to complete. -The film will be low budget compared to other DC films. Around 80-90 million.
• Nightwing casting will be announced at SDCC this year.
• The stunt team from The Accountant is in negotiations.
• Batman will cameo in a flashback and present day.

Gotham City Sirens – October 5th, 2018

• Casting announcements for Catwoman and Poison Ivy will happen at Comic-Con.
• Black Mask is the villain. Rumor is that the actor has worked with Ayer before.
• Joker will have a substantial role.
• No Batman cameo but he will be mentioned.

Aquaman-December 21st, 2018

• The film will get a big presentation at Comic-Con.
• Aquaman, Ocean Master and Black Manta will be revealed in full costume.
• Concept art of the film will be shown.
• As of now, no actual film footage will be shown. They might save it as an exclusive with Justice League.

Batgirl- February 14th, 2019

• The film will show her origin and how she was crippled by The Joker.
• In present day, she gains her ability to walk and she will struggle both physically and mentally throughout the film about her possible return to paralysis.
• The Penguin is the villain.
• Gordon and Bruce Wayne also have roles in the film.
• Budget will be around the same as Nightwing.

The Batman- June 14th, 2019

• Matt Reeves has not started working on the script yet. Most likely the film will be a complete rewrite.
• Deathstroke is unlikely.
• Matt Reeves wants to use several members of Batman’s rogues gallery.

Shazam- September 13th, 2019

• Shazam, Black Adam, The Wizard, Tawny, Superman, Lady Blaze and Sabbac will be featured in this film. -Black Adam starts as a villain but turns into a hero/anti-hero at the end of the film.
• Lord Satanus will be set up as the villain for the Shazam sequel or Black Adam film.
• Superman fights Black Adam in this film and also mentors Billy about using his powers.
• David F. Sandberg will direct.

Untitled Superman Sequel- December 11th, 2019

• Warner Bros hired several screenwriters in November 2016.
• There are two different scripts at the top of the list.
• In the first script, Parasite is the villain and is created from Doomsday’s DNA after General Sam Lane attempts to create a super soldier. Lex Luthor would return as the villain for the third act and fight Superman in his armored suit. Lois has a substantial role in this script. At the end of this film, Doomsday is reborn from a cell of his corpse and escapes into the Earth’s core to hide.
• The second script has Brainiac, Supergirl and General Zod (Krypton flashback sequence) and focuses more on the Kryptonian side of things and less on Earth. Lois has a small role in this script. Lex also has a role but instead of fighting Superman, he actually helps him due to hating the fact that Brainiac is intellectually superior. In this ending Lex gains people’s trust again and there’s hints of him attempting to join the Justice League.

More info

• The plan for 2020 is to release three or four of the following films: Wonder Woman 2, Flash, Green Lantern Corps, Dark Universe, Black Adam or Suicide Squad 2.
• There are big plans for The Joker in this universe. He’s expected to be in several Batman related films. They want to show how Joker has terrorized the Bat family over the years.
• Justice League 2 won’t happen until 2021. Warner Bros wants to build their hero roster first to prepare for Darkseid’s arrival on Earth.
• Other films that have been discussed: New Gods, Titans Birds of Prey.
• Deathstroke could be added to Suicide Squad 2 if he is removed from The Batman. Black Manta is another character that might join the Suicide Squad in the future.