Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks Batman & Ben Affleck On Letterman (Video)



Joseph Gordon-Levitt appeared on The Late Night Show With David Letterman last night with Dave asking him about the Batman situation.

Letterman states that he had suspicions that after The Dark Knight Rises that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was going to be Batman, and asks the actor what happened.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who was at one time rumored to don the cape and cowl replied, “I think these new movies aren’t necessarily – I don’t know; first of all I haven’t read any of the new movies; I’m not involved with them at all – I don’t know if they are so much a continuation of the Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy.”

Letterman commented, “They don’t have to match up.”

“I don’t think they are really very connected,” Gordon-Levitt said. “I actually don’t even know.”

Dave then discusses the new Batman and Superman movie, with JGL mentioning the end to The Dark Knight Rises.

“I just think it’s a good ending to those movies,” Joseph Gordon-Levitt said. “In all three of the movies it talks about how Batman is more than a man it’s a symbol, and we all have a hero inside of us; so passing the mantle on to another person, another man, I think was a really good ending.”

Dave then remarked about people’s reaction to Ben Affleck being named the new Batman with JGL stating, “I think he is going to be really good. The guy is a great actor.”

Check out the video for yourself of David Letterman and Joseph Gordon Levitt talking Batman, Ben Affleck and more.

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