Jonathan Majors’ Girlfriend Partied After Incident; Police Allegedly Coached Her

More info comes out surrounding the arrest which questions if Jonathan Majors is to blame.

More info comes out surrounding the arrest which questions if Jonathan Majors is to blame.

Jonathan Majors' Girlfriend Partied After Incident; Police Allegedly Coached Her

The lawyers for Jonathan Majors have provided further evidence they say will exonerate the Marvel star and have released screenshots from video footage revealing his girlfriend partying on the night of the alleged domestic abuse incident. The lawyers also further claim the police coached her the night of the arrest where she has since said she was to blame for the fight and doesn’t want to press charges.

According to what is shown in the screenshots of the video, following the alleged incident, the girlfriend can actually be seen out drinking and partying.

If what is seen in the video is true and based on what the NY Post and TMZ report about the arrest and incident, it does seem as if Jonathan Majors will be fully exonerated, assuming there are no additional women who have come forward.

It has been reported that Jonathan Majors got physical with his girlfriend over her wanting to see his phone regarding text messages received from another woman. So when the police showed up, the police found enough evidence to arrest Majors, with the girlfriend going to the hospital who had visible injuries.

However, as previously reported, it was actually Jonathan Majors who called the police, and now more details about the incident become known.

Via Grace Jabbari on Instagram

Driver can testify girlfriend assaulted Jonathan Majors

The lawyers for Majors offer the cab driver can testify that the girlfriend is the one who assaulted the actor “while she was attempting to steal his phone” on the way home from a Brooklyn bar.

The lawyers claim the driver can prove the actor did not hit or choke Grace Jabbari, 30, a professional dancer, “in any way at any time, or even raised his voice.”

The lawyer for Majors says the driver reported a woman “hitting, scratching and attacking” Majors so Majors asked the driver to stop the car so he could escape the attack.

TMZ reports the lawyers for Majors say they have hours of security videos showing the woman clubbing and partying after the incident where she got drunk, texted him, accused him of cheating, and even threatened suicide.

jonathan majors girlfriend partying at club
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Woman can be seen partying after the alleged attack

The video which features date and timestamps from the club also shows her freely using her right hand, which she claimed was injured in the alleged altercation with Majors.

The video is said to clearly show the woman using her right hand, that she was “partying pretty hard, throwing back shots and champagne with friends without any visible sign of injury.”

Now get this, the details offer that when the girlfriend was done partying, she got home at 3:23am (bars close at 4am in NY) and that Jonathan Majors wasn’t even home.

Via Grace Jabbari on Instagram

Woman allegedly threw up and took sleeping pills

The woman is so to have entered the apartment, called Majors 32 times and sent more jealous text messages, where Majors’ lawyers point out none of the text messages accuse Majors of harming her.

Jonathan Majors then got home at 11:13am and found his girlfriend unconscious lying half naked on the floor in the walk-in closet.

It’s claimed the woman also allegedly threw up in his bed, and told him she’d taken “a few sleeping tablets.”

That’s when Jonathan Majors called the police and it’s said when the paramedics arrived, she told them she didn’t know what happened to her.

Via Grace Jabbari on Instagram

The police claimed to coach the woman

So when the police arrived and asked what happened, according to the lawyers, body cam footage shows police interviewing the woman, and “clearly coaching her to say that Mr. Majors grabbed her by the throat.”

The lawyer claims the alleged victim never made that claim to anyone prior to the officer’s direction.

Jonathan Majors Loses More Projects: Not Marvel Yet

Jonathan Majors has lost a lot

As a result of the claims of alleged domestic abuse and arrest, Jonathan Majors has lost a slew of projects including his talent manager and PR firm dropping him, he lost out on ad campaigns with the U.S. Army and the MLB, and has lost roles in various movies.

It’s also been said Marvel has been prepping to replace the actor in the upcoming Avengers movies but Disney hasn’t made a decision as of yet.

“Jonathan Majors is innocent and has not abused anyone,” his lawyer said in a previous statement. “We have provided irrefutable evidence to the district attorney that the charges are false. We are confident that he will be fully exonerated.”

The actor is due in court on May 8.

(sources: TMZ, NY Post)

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