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John Barrowman Leaving Arrow-Verse

John Barrowman Leaving Arrow-Verse

Following the events from the Arrow Season 5 finale, say goodbye to John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn is no more.

Barrowman took to his Facebook page to offer he won’t be back for Arrow Season 6 and that he is all done with the Arrow-verse, which also includes Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, as John Barrowman also appeared as part of the Legion of Doom.

John Barrowman offered in the following video about his departure from the series:

By now you know that Malcolm Merlyn is no more. I know they’ve done it off-camera, but I’m here to tell you I won’t be back next season … and I want you to know how wonderful it’s been for the past five years to be part of the Arrow Universe and all the other shows connected to it…  

I am very sad to be leaving the Arrow-verse. I love playing Malcolm Merlyn and, you know, that’s it really. As sad as it may be, I understand how shows must change, and also how characters must change and develop, but that doesn’t mean I’m not very sad and upset about it. I appreciate your support, and love you all.