Joe Manganiello Posts Armie Hammer Photos


joe manganiello armie hammer

It's speculated that Armie Hammer has a role in Justice League and/or Ben Affleck's Batman, and now the most concrete piece of evidence that Armie Hammer has been cast in the DCEU has hit the net.

Following Geoff Johns and Joe Manganiello having followed Armie Hammer on Twitter, now Joe Manganiello has taken to his Instagram account to post photos of the two of them.

"Burning the midnight oil with my man @armiehammer #espresso," the first post reads.

With the second stating: "#Repost @thisisechambers Solving all the world's problems."

Obviously Armie Hammer and Joe Manganiello could simply be friends, which explains the Twitter following, but fans are hoping Armie Hammer is playing Green Lantern. I actually think, if Armie Hammer is in the DCEU, he's either Nightwing or the Red Hood.

Joe Manganiello also recently said the Batman movie starts filming this year.

Ben Affleck's Batman movie has no official title or release date; Joe Manganiello is playing Deathstroke and is heavily speculated to appear in Justice League


Burning the midnight oil with my man @armiehammer #espresso

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#Repost @thisisechambers ・・・ Solving all the world's problems.

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