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Is the Ben Affleck Batman movie going into pre-production as early as this year, which would be the next couple of weeks?

Joe Manganiello once again says the Ben Affleck Batman movie starts filming soon as he talks Batman and Deathstroke with Rich Eisen, and he says the Batman movie starts this year.

Joe Manganiello happens to originate from Pittsburgh and provided the narration for the Pittsburgh is Home: The Story of the Pittsburgh Penguins documentary and chatted with Rich Eisen about his upcoming projects, which includes the Batman movie and Smurfs

Rich Eisen questions Joe Manganiello about how much he is allowed to talk about and hints at having a Deathstroke picture from the Batman movie.

"I'm going to do that movie," Manganiello said shaking his head yes. "Batman, you are talking about."

Joe Manganiello continues with mention that he is allowed to talk Batman, but doesn't offer specifics at first.

"We can talk about it. I mean I can't really tell you much of anything. I can speak cryptically about it," Joe Manganiello says.

Manganiello is then asked about the plot of the Batman movie. 

"Well, [inaudible; best guess: duck] often and this guy dresses like a bat. And I'm in it," Manganiello confirms.

Joe Manganiello tells The Rich Eisen Show a description of his character, Deathstroke, in the Batman film.

"I play a one-eyed, like the world's deadliest assassin… who also has one eye… and…" Manganiello says, and then is questioned if the Batman movie has finished filming. 

"No. We will start at some point this year, it looks like," Manganiello says. 

You can watch more of the interview with Joe Manganiello in the video below. 

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Regarding the Batman movie starting to film this year, it is possible the Batman movie could go into pre-production. Previously, Joe Manganiello and Jeremy Irons (Alfred) both said the new Batman movie will start filming next year, so it could be possible that they might start prepping Batman pretty soon. Evidence of Batman going into pre-production could come from what looks to be John Cleese and Armie Hammer cast in the Batman movie. Ben Affleck did recently shy away from remarks that the Batman movie was definitely happening and offered they are still trying to get the script right, but it's possible they finally nailed down the script to Affleck's liking. WB has yet to officially announce the Batman movie and if Ben Affleck is directing, but WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara previously stated the Batman movie is happening with Affleck directing (and co-writing with DC president and co-runner of the DC films, Geoff Johns).  

Various rumors for Ben Affleck's Batman movie include Nightwing, Red Hood and lots of villains set in Arkham.

Joe Manganiello is also heavily speculated to debut in Zack Snyder's Justice League.

If the Batman movie does start filming relatively soon, it's possible it could see a 2018 release date. Aquaman just got pushed back from its July 27, 2018 release, which the Batman movie could fill.     

Joe Manganiello on The Rich Eisen Show talking Batman and Deathstroke:

Deathstroke teaser video:

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