Jennifer Lopez ‘Atlas’ Review: Complete Trash

Movie had potential but whoever was responsible for Lopez's character should never be allowed near a script again.

jennifer lopez atlas review

The new sci-fi movie on Netflix, Atlas, is out which stars Jennifer Lopez and is directed by Brad Peyton (Rampage, San Andreas) and it’s complete trash.

It’s a shame because the movie could have been good as the story reflects the times and Atlas looks to have a decent budget as the special effects are pretty good.

However, the major problem with the movie is how they wrote Jennifer Lopez’s character, Atlas Shepard, who literally cries and acts fucking hysterical throughout the entire film.

Who the fuck wants to watch two hours of Jennifer Lopez – or anyone – acting batshit insane? Not me.

netflix atlas movie poster

Checking IMDb, I actually see Lopez is a producer, so is she the one who made the call to make her character so shitty? Did she happen to show the script to her Oscar-winning husband? I fucking doubt it.

As I was watching, I found myself thinking, “You know what? This would be a pretty good movie starring someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Dwayne Johnson (worked with Peyton in Rampage and San Andreas).”

However, then I realized it’s not because Jennifer Lopez stars in the movie or that she is female that makes the movie suck, it’s again how they wrote her character, as anyone in the role crying and acting fucking hysterical for two hours would have made no difference.

jennifer lopez atlas
This is how Jennifer Lopez acts throughout the entire movie

Credited writers on the script include Leo Sardarian who is a newb, and Aron Eli Coleite who has lots of credits including the recent Spiderwick Chronicles series, Locke & Key, and episodes of Star Trek: Discovery. I’d be curious to know if Lopez’s character is how the originally wrote it.

The rest of the cast? Mark Strong is in it for about five minutes. Abraham Popoola’s supposed to play a badass Terminator — dude hit the gym. Sterling K. Brown? Complete waste of a good actor. Simu Liu, known for playing Shang-Chi and recently in Barbie, plays the villain and he is actually really good, though he is in the movie about the same as Mark Strong. Yeah, it’s all about Lopez acting fucking hysterical. Gregory James Cohan also voices Lopez’s AI and does a good enough job; however, the jokes massively fail between Lopez and his AI. I mean massively.

The plot? AI destroyed the world led by Simu Liu who escapes to another planet. 30 years later he tricks them into discovering his whereabouts so they send a ship to destroy them which he steals and uses for his own to try and destroy the Earth. It’s not rocket science and it’s predicable as fuck, but it’s still enjoyable enough. However, again, Lopez’s character ruins the whole thing.

netflix atlas jennifer lopez
This is how Jennifer Lopez acts throughout the entire movie

How about diversity? Jennifer Lopez is the female star of a big budget Netflix sci-fi movie and she acts fucking hysterical through the entire movie? What a missed opportunity as she could have gotten her shit together like 15 minutes into the movie and we could have had something badass, but nope.

Instead? We get two hours of Jennifer Lopez crying, screaming and acting hysterical but guess what?! The final two minutes of the movie she got her shit together and now is a complete badass! Oh, don’t forget! We also have to show the 54-year-old’s big booty off — because she’s Jennifer fuckin’ Lopez!

Movie gets a 2/10 because the futuristic and special effects are cool and that’s it.

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