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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Teases Flashpoint With Lauren Cohan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Teases Flashpoint With Lauren Cohan


Yesterday at Comic-Con saw WB announce the first movie for The Flash will be based on the popular and super cool Flashpoint story from the DC comics.

If you haven’t read it, it’s nothing like what they did on The Flash TV show, which was rather disappointing, except for Barry going back in time and saving his mother causing a parallel universe.

In the comics, Barry going back in time causes all sorts of problems with the timestream and changes all the heroes and villains!

A young Bruce Wayne actually is the one who dies with his father, Thomas Wayne, becoming the Batman! And the kicker is that Martha Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s mom goes crazy and becomes The Joker! There are other cool alternate reality characters as well, such as one of my favorites, Subject Zero, and Superman. There is also a massive war between the Amazons and Wonder Woman with the Atlanteans and Aquaman!

With the Flashpoint movie announced, just who is going to play Thomas and Martha Wayne (assuming they will be in the film)? Look no further than Batman vs. Superman! The beginning of the movie gave us Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne and Lauren Cohan as Martha Wayne!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has taken notice of Flashpoint as well, as he took to social media to tease the film and show off some cool fan art. We can probably assume if WB had Flashpoint in mind as a movie for a while that Zack Snyder specifically cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan in Batman vs. Superman intentionally to play their alternate universe characters down the line. Pretty cool!   

Flashpoint current has no release date.