Jason Momoa Wanted Lobo If Not Aquaman

Jason Momoa Lobo

While Jason Momoa is a billion-dollar success with the Aquaman movie, if he couldn’t have played the King of the Seven Seas, he offers he would have liked to play Lobo.

In an interview with Italy’s Bad Taste, Jason Momoa is asked if he could choose another superhero from the DCEU, who would it be?

“Lobo,” Momoa responded. “Villain [laughs].”

Jason Momoa was actually cast as Aquaman years ago and had to keep it a secret for five years.

“It was like four or five years,” Momoa told Jimmy Kimmel in 2017. “That long. Because they wanted it to be a secret.”

Momoa thought he was auditioning for a Batman villain at first.

“Yeah, that whole audition process was pretty crazy,” Momoa said. “I mean, Zack was a huge fan of Game of Thrones. A lot of people are huge fans of Game of Thrones. Zack was the one – I couldn’t get a job – and Zack called me in. He was a huge fan. He wanted to take Aquaman who… It was funny because I had no idea what I was going to be playing. He just called me in. I had an audition that was for Batman. Obviously, Ben was cast. I’m like, ‘What am I coming in for?’ I’m like, ‘Basically I’m going to be the bad guy. I’m going to fight Batman and Superman. I’m going to play the villain.’ And he’s like, ‘Wait, no. Aquaman.’ And I was like [nods]. I’m like, ‘Blond. White. Shaven. Blond. White,'” Moama explained. “Yeah. Right now it’s Thank you, Game of Thrones. Now I’m Aquaman.”

Jason Momoa also further talked how him becoming Aquaman was all because of Zack Snyder.

“He had it all planned out,” Momoa told the Toronto Sun about Snyder. “He had the plan for Justice League. I really do believe that Cyborg and Wonder Woman, and all that has been shaped, is because of Zack. I’m definitely here and owe everything to that man because I wouldn’t have been cast if not for him. I think that it was a genius idea to go in this direction with this character, and it’s been an honor. I’ve had people from all over the world — people from Argentina, people from Colombia, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, just all over, telling me ‘How crazy and cool is this to have a brown-skinned superhero?'” 

Regarding Lobo, while a solo movie has been rumored for quite a while, it now doesn’t appear to be happening as the character will be the villain of the Superman prequel series, Krypton Season 2. The Fall’s Emmett J. Scanlan is playing Lobo: