Jared Padalecki Confirms The Boys Season 5

The actor also explains why 'Walker' was canceled on The CW.

jared padalecki confirms the boys season 5

Jared Padalecki will indeed be reuniting with Eric Kripke for The Boys Season 5.

The actor who played Sam Winchester for Kripke on Supernatural confirmed the news in a recent interview while discussing the cancellation of his series, Walker, on The CW.

Kripke also brought Jensen Ackles onto The Boys to play Soldier, Boy, Jim Beaver is featured, and the new season sees Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing a role.

the boys jeffrey dean morgan
Karl Urban, Jeffrey Dean Morgan via @KarlUrban Instagram

    “I’m going to go play in Kripke’s newest playground”

    Last month saw Eric Kripke state he wants a reunion with Jared Padalecki in Season 5, and that is exactly what is happening. Jared Padalecki told Variety the following:

    Well, I’ll say this: Kripke and I texted today. It’s not been written yet, but I think he was saying [the final season] doesn’t even film until 2025. So yeah, I’m going to go play in Kripke’s newest playground. I had a great time the first time around, so I’m sure I’ll have a great time here again. I love the show. I think it’s hilarious and exciting. But you were asking what my plans for the future were — and I love Jensen and Eric Kripke. Obviously, I’ll be indebted to [Kripke] and entangled with him forever. I met my wife because of him. I was Sam Winchester because of him. “Supernatural” happened because of him. So working with him on a show that I enjoy, I’m like, “Yeah, when do I fly out?” But I don’t think we would film until at least January. 

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    Why was Walker canceled?

    Regarding what happened with Walker, no surprise, it was canceled following Nexstar taking over The CW who wants to go the cheap route with its content:

    I feel like The CW that I was a part of last year is not The CW that I was a part of under [former chairman and CEO] Mark Pedowitz for that entire, almost 20-year stretch. They’re just changing the network around, where it’s not really going to be a TV network as much as it’s going to be, “Here’s something fun for an hour that you’ll never watch again, but hopefully you watch it. And it’s cheap!” And I hate to say that, but I’m just being honest. I mean, fuck it. They can’t fire me again. I’m just being brutally honest. I think it felt to me like they were looking for really easy, cheap content that they could fill up time with.

    New episodes of The Boys air Thursdays on Amazon Prime Video.

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