James Gunn Hopes Stan Lee Is Okay

James Gunn Hopes Stan Lee Is Okay

Following Kevin Smith, now Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn answers the call in regards to Stan Lee!

Stan Lee has been making a lot of headlines as of late, none of them good, as the creator of Marvel is surrounded by a lot of controversy and troubles.

Earlier this week saw THR release a  report stating that Stan Lee is a victim of elder abuse at the hands of his daughter, which then saw Stan Lee blast in a video stating he is going to sue their asses off for the false claims.

The report claims that Stan Lee is being held prisoner and forcibly isolated from long time co-workers and friends.

Similar to Kevin Smith, James Gunn took to social media to offer that if Stan Lee needs anything, he will be there.

My heart is with @therealstanlee right now. I hope he’s okay. I’ve heard a lot of disturbing reports lately about his care and hope he can live these late golden years with the dignity and respect he deserves, surrounded by love. I’m always here for Stan in any way he needs me. Just let me know.