James Gunn Addresses Green Lantern CGI Suit In Superman: Legacy

Will they use CGI for Nathan Fillion?

Will they use CGI for Nathan Fillion?

James Gunn Addresses Green Lantern Suit In Superman: Legacy

James Gunn continues to answer fan questions on Threads, this time in regards to the Green Lantern suit that Nathan Fillion will be wearing in Superman: Legacy.

As part of Gunn’s DCU, Nathan Fillion is playing Green Lantern Guy Gardner, and along with the big DCU announcement from January came word a Lanterns TV series is in development.

Following Gunn answering all those Superman and Batman questions, now it’s Green Lantern’s turn.

Nathan Fillion Green Lantern fan art
Fan art via @horrific heroics Instagram

Will James Gunn be using CGI for Green Lantern?

“Will Guy’s suit be real, CGI or both,” questioned a fan.

Gunn shot back, “I can’t remember ever having a CG suit unless it was on a CG character.”

green lantern nathan fillion fan art
Fan art via @thejulianbell Instagram

What Gunn seems to be poking fun at is the Ryan Reynolds suit from the 2011 Green Lantern movie, which of course, was all CGI.

Green Lantern (2011) Movie Marketing Delayed by Special Effects

So that means in his DCU, Nathan Fillion’s Guy Gardner won’t be going the CGI route but will have a practical costume.

James Gunn used real costumes for his Guardians of the Galaxy movies which turned out well, so there is probably nothing to worry about when it comes to the DCU and Superman: Legacy.

david corenset superman fan art black s
Fan art

New Superman suit

Gunn has also addressed the new David Corenswet Superman suit.

“I love that guy! Fully immersed,” Gunn answered when a fan asked how the actor was doing.

“All of the above,” said Gunn in response to the question if the David Corenswet Superman suit will be more classic, modern, or something totally new and different.

James Gunn also said the big reveal of David Corenswet as Superman won’t be coming for a while as the new Superman: Legacy suit will “definitely not” be revealed to the world “until after we’re filming.”

Superman: Legacy flies into theaters on July 11, 2025.

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