Invincible Season 2 Goes On Mid-Winter Break

Robert Kirkman has addressed delays but hopes for one season every year.

Robert Kirkman has addressed delays but hopes for one season every year.

Invincible Season 2 Goes On Mid-Winter Break

Invincible Season 2 goes on a mid-winter break following the first four episodes airing on Amazon Prime Video.

The news has been surprising for some fans, but Prime Video actually announced it back in July at the San Diego Comic-Con when they set the Season 2 premiere date and also announced the Atom Eve Special.

Amazon debuted the first four episodes of Invincible Season 2 starting November 3 and will air the second half, the remaining four episodes, in early 2024.

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Robert Kirkman has addressed concerns

Fans have also complained about the big gap between Seasons 1 and 2 which saw creator Robert Kirkman respond.

“This is an extremely complicated show,” Kirkman said in July, addressing the wait for Season 2. “It’s an hour-long animated series. There are so many characters and scenes. We really had to wrap our heads around how this production was going to be managed.”

Kirkman also filled in Collider, “We’re an hour-long animated show which is very unusual, but we have so many characters and so many settings, even in just one episode that we’re really kind of pushing the limits of what can be done in animation. So it takes a long time to make it. But it has also taken a long time to learn how to do it and figure it out because we’re doing a lot of things that you don’t necessarily do in animation.

Kirman continued with mention of COVID.

“We debuted in 2021, and when we got the pick up for Season 2 and 3, we had to kind of figure [it] out. We finished the show as COVID was starting, Season 1, and so we had to figure out completely new processes to work with all the restrictions that came from that,” he said. “Animation studios were shut down quite a bit during COVID because animators work in a lot of cases in large rooms and in giant groups. So we had to figure out like a whole new way of working and that slowed things down quite a bit.”

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Hoping for one season a year

Kirkman did recently say they are hoping to release a season a year.

“I think that that would be the goal. I’ve said publicly, the gap between Season 1 and Season 2 are the longest gap we’ll ever have,” explained Kirkman to Collider. “I’ve seen people say, ‘oh, it’s gonna be three years for every season. This isn’t gonna work.’ But we don’t know, it’s a very hard production schedule, it’s a very tough show to produce. So, the goal is to try and get it as close to a season a year as we possibly can.”

Kirkman continued, “I can’t guarantee that we’ll hit that. But it’s a weird time for television. Like, name one show that comes out consistently every year because it’s like Stranger Things, House of the Dragon. I know that the pandemic delayed things a lot. But it seems like it’s harder and harder to get shows to come out every year.”

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