‘Indiana Jones’ 5 Worse Than Thought Reveals Test Screening

It's claimed that Kathleen Kennedy is going to destroy Indy just like she did with Star Wars.

It's claimed that Kathleen Kennedy is going to destroy Indy just like she did with Star Wars.

'Indiana Jones' 5 Worse Than Thought Reveals Test Screening

Indiana Jones 5 is claimed to be worse than thought according to a test screening, which would of course mean that director James Mangold is fibbing just a tiny bit about the flick.

Mangold recently shot down claims about Indiana Jones 5 having test screenings involving Phoebe Waller-Bridge replacing Harrison Ford that surfaced from YouTuber Doom Cock.

Update: The trailer and official title have been released and James Mangold has again responded to the rumors and trolling aholes, with composer John Williams hinting a new ending.

However, Doom Cock’s claims were backed up by The Daily Mail.

Now a 4Chan post offers more of the same, with Doom Cock offering the following ending is 100% right and that Kathleen Kennedy wants to ruin Indiana Jones just as she did with Star Wars.

It’s said a few different endings were screened for audiences all featuring Phoebe Waller-Bridge replacing Harrison Ford, with the following being the worst ending and that it is the ending Kathleen Kennedy wants to go with.

It’s also said Kennedy and the studio have been butting heads over the ending to Indiana Jones 5 as Kennedy wants the following ending but the studio is stating no to it.

What happens remains to be seen but a big problem could be that Bob Iger is back who always backs Kennedy, so just like Disney Star Wars and what is now happening with Kevin Feige’s Marvel, Indiana Jones 5 could be next to turn to dust as well.

Worth a mention is the recent Empire Magazine article and images back up the time travel claims.

WARNING: What follows may be FULL SPOILERS for Indiana Jones 5.

Indiana Jones 5 Mads Mikkelsen

What do the Indiana Jones 5 rumors have to say?

So following Mangold shooting down the rumor, someone claiming to have been present at an Indiana Jones 5 test screening wrote up the following details and posted them to 4Chan with the title “Indy 5 sucks and James Mangold is a liar.”

I’ve actually contacted my own little birds but I haven’t been able to find out if there actually have been any screenings (my buddy is signed up for test screenings and recently saw Creed III).

Indiana Jones 5 4Chan rumors
4Chan rumors

Indiana Jones 5 test screening claims via 4Chan:

– Indiana Jones 5 has had test screenings and I attended one. The reason he’s claiming it didn’t is because basically everyone at my showing hated it.

– Marion appears toward the beginning of the movie and encourages Indy to come out of retirement for one last adventure. Mutt is mentioned but not seen in this scene.

– Sallah appears for one scene (you can see him wearing a fez on the right of the pic)

– Phoebe Waller Bridge is playing “Helena Brody”, the granddaughter of Marcus Brody, and is quite possibly one of the most annoying characters put to screen. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wrote her own lines. She constantly lectures Indy about his “privilege”.

– Harrison looks like he doesn’t want to be there the entire movie.

– Mads Mikkelsen is playing a younger version of Toht from the first film and he does a decent job.

– Antonio Banderas is probably the best part of this movie and thats probably the only reason his character’s death had any impact. he sacrifices himself to save Indy and Helena right before they get sent back in time.

– The main McGuffin is a golden clock that’s the key to an ancient time portal. A group of neo-Nazis is trying to track it down before Indy can. First they go to ancient Rome for a bit but they go back through and end up in 1933.

– A significant chunk of the movie is set in 1933 and the main “trio” is old Indy, Helena, and younger Indy.

– In my screening, the movie ends with young Indy sacrificing himself to save Helena, causing old Indy to fade away like Marty does in BTTF. Helena picks up his hat and the movie ends with a montage of her in iconic Indiana Jones scenes set to the John Williams score.

– The movie also had a “Helena will return” thing at the end sort of like what Marvel movies do.

– Overall, 2/10. I’d rather watch Crystal Skull 50 times than sit through this atrocity again. I hope Disney does some serious reshoots or just cans the movie entirely.

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