Iman Vellani Wants Woke Nova In MCU

Just like Ms. Marvel, Sam Alexander is a colossal failure that fans can't stand.

Just like Ms. Marvel, Sam Alexander is a colossal failure that fans can't stand.

Iman Vellani Wants Woke Nova In MCU

I can’t tell you how happy I am that The Marvels completely tanked and is the worst superhero movie of all time.

It sends these Hollywood clowns, Disney, Kevin Feige, and Marvel the big message that fans don’t want this garbage.

I could care less what you weirdo “fans” think who have harrassed me throughout the years in regards to all my articles spelling out how the diversity crap would destroy Marvel and Hollywood.

Because I’m proven right.

Richard Rider Nova Marvel
Richard Rider Nova

Iman Vellani is clueless

Anyway, Iman Vellani has been the only person actually actively promoting the release of The Marvels. The director has sent Marvel and Kevin Feige under the bus, and Brie Larson is talking more about her Apple TV+ show than the Captain Marvel sequel.

Much like what happened to the MCU, the diversity bullshit first destroyed the comics — that’s how I knew it was going to happen to the MCU. And it first started with MARVEL COSMIC.

I actually created this site in part to combat political correctness, as back in 2005/6, Marvel Comics killed off and replaced my favorite character, Quasar, in Annihilation. They replaced him with a space lesbian clone in a move that made no sense. They had to change everything about “Quasar” to make it fit. Well, I and like-minded fans got together, sent the Marvel Comics offices a Quasar cake, petitioned Marvel, and they responded in kind and brought back Wendell Vaughn as Quasar. That’s when I created Cosmic Book News to help them promote Marvel Cosmic, Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.

Then it all fell apart.

Marvel canceled all the Abnett Marvel Cosmic because of the MCU going forward with Guardians of the Galaxy. They also killed both Nova and Star-Lord. They replaced Nova with the teen Spider-Man wannabe politically correct Sam Alexander, who fans refer to as NINO (Nova In Name Only). They brought back Star-Lord to match the goofy James Gunn version.

Then Marvel NOW! happened in the comics, which Kevin Feige is adapting and is currently responsible for destroying the MCU.

Marvel NOW! was Marvel Comics’ woke initiative to cancel and replace existing characters. Around that time, Carol Danvers stopped being Ms. Marvel and took over Captain Marvel. Kamala Khan was introduced as the new Ms. Marvel. Marvel Comics would also promote these crappy characters like no other.

Well, they made their way to the MCU, and we all know NOW! it’s been a complete disaster.

So as Iman Vellani has been making the rounds, she told TheDirect she wants NINO Nova in the MCU, but would settle for both NINO and the Richard Rider version:

I love Sam Alexander, and I love Miles [Morales]. I’m a big fan of ‘The Champions’ comics, especially the more recent runs. Like Kamala, Miles, and Sam, their chemistry is so sweet. And I want her to have like more that young energy in her life. So yeah, those two would probably be my top choice. I think.”

As I said before, no one wants the fake Nova, no one wants Ms. Marvel or the fake Captain Marvel, or Young Avengers, no one wants a Ms. Marvel and Wolverine team up, no one wants a Tom Holland Spider-Man and Iman Vellani Ms. Marvel team-up, and no one wants the crappy wannabe Champions, a book – just like the aforementioned – has failed time and time again.

It’s funny, too, because in another interview, Iman Vellani, said Marvel has to make fans character about the new characters. Well, you don’t get fans to character about characters by shitting all over their favorites, canceling and replacing them.

It’s also funny that she didn’t like the first Captain Marvel movie and rated it only two stars. The Marvels is A LOT worse than that flick. Disney money must be good, eh?

Take it away Glenn:

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