Henry Cavill Superman Tops Christopher Reeve In Poll


Following our Joker survey, now the Henry Cavill Superman takes the top spot in our latest poll pitting the British Man of Steel actor against the Christopher Reeve version from the Richard Donner films.

Of the 5,600 votes cast, 62% chose the Henry Cavill Superman over the 38% that Christopher Reeve received from fans on our Facebook page.

Henry Cavill Superman Tops Christopher Reeve Poll

Fans choose Henry Cavill Superman over Christopher Reeve

“Both. Christopher Reeve will always be Superman to me but honestly, Henry Cavil’s version in Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman was brilliant more modern and had his character was much more layered then Christopher Reeve’s. But my answer is both,” commented a fan.

Another also sides with Henry: “Henry Cavill is the Man of Steel, he is the realistic version of the fantastical character that is Superman. Christopher Reeves was great for his time, but those days of the cheesy superhero is gone.”

“Cavill is Superman right out of the comics. Reeves was a very good goody good Superman. Cavill is Superman,” agreed another.

Another fan brings up Tom Welling from Smallville: “Christopher Reeve embodied Silver Age Superman really well and was the best Clark Kent. Henry Cavill is best modern Superman with elements of the Golden Age but his Clark Kent was never truly fleshed out. Now Tom Welling played off of Reeve’s legacy pretty well and was a great Pre-Superman Clark Kent.”

Christopher Reeve Superman

Fans still love Superman Christopher Reeve

One of our top fans commented: “Cavill is really good but I still am partial to Reeve.”

“I can’t even watch the new ones without falling asleep,” another said about the Zack Snyder films.

Another of our top fans added, “I say Reeves for the same reason I say Keaton and Nicholson. When we have an iconic character that we all love. I want to see comic book accuracy over ‘a great brand new take’ on a character. So Reeves, Keaton, and Nicholson all did their characters just as the comics did them and they did it well and until another actor does that process better. These 3 will stay my favorites.”

“Christopher Reeve, but almost a tie with Henry Cavill. Love em both!” added another fan.

“Christopher Reeves the best Superman!” another comment stated which got a lot of likes and love from other fans.

“I mean I love Christopher Reeves, but he does for Superman what Adam West did for Batman, icons in their own right!!” said another.

Another jokes about Superman in the recent Justice League movie: “People are really voting for ol’ cartoon lips?!?!”

A fan happens to disagree with Henry Cavill coming out on top: “62 % u guys have the be this generation or ppl who don’t understand the magic or good old American Boy Superman is supposed to be this darker Superman. u guys can be like well ur stupid if u want boy scout well I got news for u Superman has been a boy scout for 100 years & also willing to bet any money that type of Superman would sell out more than all 3 Snyder films; Reeves the best; Tom Welling 2nd; Calvin 3rdv he was good but it doesn’t compare.”

Henry Cavill Superman

Fans want Henry Cavill to stay around as Superman

More agree that Henry is their top choice: “Reeves was an alright he is more like the Super Friends cartoon version of Superman while Henry Cavill is a way better Superman version of today’s justice league comics and cartoons.”

“Henry did a great job man of steel was great its a dam shame Nolan and Snyder didn’t continue the trilogy,” said another fan.

“Reeves will always be favorite. Cavill is a damn good Superman. DC needs to rethink their f-cking decision!” another fan said about the possibility of Cavill leaving the role and no Man of Steel 2.

“I cast my vote not being afraid to have the unpopular opinion……. then I see the results and am shocked to find out that Cavill is actually in the lead!” another said.


Who is your choice? Let us know in the comments below! Me? I had to go with Christopher Reeve! (Still a big fan of Henry though!)

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