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Hannibal Lecter TV Series Coming Soon

Hannibal Lecter TV Series Coming Soon

picA one hour “Hannibal” television series is currenty in development from the French newcomer, Gaumont International Television (GIT).

“Hannibal,” a drama written by Bryan Fuller (Heroes, Pusing Daises, Star Trek Voyager, ST: Deep Space Nine), will be set in the early days of Lecter, “namely his time going head-to-head with FBI agent Will Graham,” according to

Martha De Laurentiis, producer on both Hannibal Rising and Red Dragon, will be on as producer.

Graham was the FBI agent who originally captured Lecter, and was portrayed by Edward Norton in 2002’s Red Dragon and also by William Petersen in the 1986 film Man Hunter; both based off of the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris.

GIT will is also developing a “Madame Tussaud,” a six-hour mini-series from Michael Hirst.