Watch: Green Lantern DCEU Fan Cut

Watch: Green Lantern DCEU Fan Cut

Green Lantern is now a part of the DCEU!

Unofficially that is, as following the Justice League ultimate fan cut, now another fanboy goes out and edits the 2011 Green Lantern movie to have it better fit in with the present day DCEU.

Allonzi on Reddit did us all a favor and whipped together a new cut of Green Lantern by removing some of the bad parts and making it the best he good to be an improvement on the original Green Lantern Extended Cut.

Green Lantern

“I always though that, even with its flaws, Green Lantern movie should be in the DCEU, so I edited the extended cut of Green Lantern to fit into the existing DCEU,” the redditor posted.

Some of the changes include:

  • removed all the cheesy dialogue i could.
  • changed the timeline of some scenes
  • changed the reason that Hal crashes the plane
  • Extended Hal’s training sequence
  • removed all mention of Hal quitting
  • changed the ending 

The file size is 2.6 GB and takes around 15-30 minutes to download from Dropbox depending on your internet connection.

Green Lantern

I actually don’t think I have re-watched Green Lantern in its entirety since it first opened back on June 17, 2011.  Like many people, I was disappointed, and I can recall not liking the film’s villains, Parallax and Hector Hammond, as they looked awful and goofy. In addition, the story seemed all over the place.

We all know the movie bombed at the box office netting only a measly $116.6 million in the U.S. with another $103.25 million overseas giving it a whopping total of $219,851,172!

Its Rotten Tomatoes score isn’t much better standing at 26%, with 45% of the audience stating they liked it.

Green Lantern

Just think what could have been for a Green Lantern 2 as the movie did at least have a pretty sweet post-credit scene featuring Mark Strong as the Yellow Lantern Sinestro. Mark Strong actually said he was disappointed a sequel was never made. Obviously, if GL would have been a success, we would have gotten Green Lantern 2, and who knows what else?  The DCEU might be a lot different than we know (knew?) it as today, and Ryan Reynolds probably wouldn’t have played Deadpool, a role he was made for.

A friend of a friend actually told me a while back Ryan Reynolds didn’t even want to play Green Lantern, he wanted to play The Flash! Reynolds participated in a conference call with the execs where they told him no to The Flash, and that he had to – take it or leave it – regarding Green Lantern. Reynolds had his heart set on playing a super hero, so he went with GL. The same person also told me one of the scripts didn’t even have constructs in it (lol) and had to be added in at a later time (during production?). Wow.

Green Lantern

Regarding Green Lantern 2, it has been said there was talk internally of having Ryan Reynolds return – because he began to build a big name for himself – but that didn’t happen. Eventually, Christopher Nolan recommended Zack Snyder to take over the DC movies, and the rest they say is history as Man of Steel was released in 2013.

The latest regarding GL in the DCEU is that Dark Knight and Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer is developing the Green Lantern Corps movie. I hope Goyer makes it epic like his Krypton opening and SYFY series, and not a goofy wannabe Flash Gordon cosmic movie like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnarok (and Captain Marvel).

I also recall JMS stating they should have either kept the movie on Earth or set it in space, and not mix the two, which I have to agree with.  

Green Lantern

One more nugget regarding the Green Lantern movie is that the credited writers aren’t too blame for the movie being so bad – the same writers who have gone on and developed the Arrowverse – Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim. Berlanti was actually fired from being both the writer and director on Green Lantern, yet for some reason his name was all over it.

Oh, and Green Lantern was responsible for the cancellation of Young Justice, in case you didn’t know. 

Ryan Reynolds has Deadpool 2 coming out May 18th, and Mark Strong is playing the Shazam! movie villain with Doctor. Sivana.