Godzilla Vs. King Kong Being Planned At WB With Move Of Skull Island



It’s on!

Legedary Entertainment and Warner Bros. will be pitting Godzilla vs. King Kong on the big screen.

Deadline reports Thomas Tull is moving King Kong: Skull Island to Warner Bros. to eventually pair the two behemoths in a movie following each property’s respective films.

It’s reported the Gozilla sequel that is currently in the works will be followed by a movie that features the King of the Monsters taking on the giant prehistoric ape.

It’s said the move is happening very quickly with Toho on board as well.

Skull Island is due out March 10, 2017 with the next Godzilla movie slated for June 8, 2018, so best guess is Godzilla vs. King Kong looks to come out 2019 or 2020.