Godzilla: Minus One #1 At Box Office: Extends Theatrical Run: Not A Flop

The King of the Monsters is king of the box office as fans are loving what they are seeing.

Godzilla: Minus One #1 At Box Office: Extends Theatrical Run: Not A Flop

It’s learned Godzilla: Minus One is extending its theatrical run as it is now topping the box office, which follows claims the flick flopped over the weekend.

The flick will now be in theaters through December 14th.

Debuting over the weekend, Godzilla: Minus One also stomped on the estimates as the film brought in over $11.4 million, while some projections only offered $10 million.

Update: Toho officially announces the film will be shown on more screens.

Godzilla Minus One

Bad movie math

However, that didn’t stop YouTuber Grace Randolph from trying to rain on the King of the Monster’s parade.

In her latest box office “Movie Math” video, Grace’s claims don’t add up. Sounding like a bit of a Hollywood snob, she says she feels bad for the fans as the Japanese-produced Godzilla: Minus One box office is not as fantastic as some fans would like it to be. She also unfairly compares the film to its American counterparts from Warner Bros. and Legendary.

The reason Grace Randolph’s claims don’t add up is because Godzilla: Minus One happens to be a much smaller budgeted movie, a foreign film with subtitles, lacks a huge marketing campaign, and doesn’t feature a star-studded cast, well-known studio, or director.

The budget of Godzilla: Minus One is only $15 million, while the budget of the recent American Godzilla movies is ten times that, north of $150 to $200 million or more.

As we see with Godzilla: Minus One, it basically manages to get its budget back in one weekend alone in just the U.S. box office, and worth a mention it is also screened in fewer theaters. Adding the international gross, the film has already more than doubled its budget (currently a $34.5M worldwide gross with only releases in the U.S., Japan, and Norway).

Godzilla vs. Kong only managed to get back half of its budget in its entire U.S. release. If you argue Covid, it’s basically the same for King of the Monsters in 2019, while the 2014 Godzilla managed to match its budget in around two weeks at the U.S. box office.

So again, comparing Minus One to the American versions is simply bad movie math.

Godzilla Minus One

Topping the box office

Some other stats include that Godzilla: Minus One has now topped the U.S. box office with its first Monday release.

“Godzilla, The king of the monsters is now the King of the Box Office, as Godzilla: Minus One achieved a historic #1 in the US grossing 1.2M on first MON,” tweeted Luiz Fernando who covers the box office on Twitter. “First time in 19 years that a non-English language live-action film hits the Top spot domestically on its first week, the last time being Hero in 2004. Excellent hold, dropping just -58.5% from SUN, for a 12.6M cume in 4 days.”

The film also has an “A” CinemaScore, the best of any non-English Godzilla movie, and ties it with GVK and it has a 97% Rotten Tomatoes Score and a 98 Audience Score.

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