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Our “early christmas present” featuring Blackest Night #6 was well-received by readers of Cosmic Book News. We decided to put together another Green Lantern feature, this time on Green Lantern: The Movie. We scoured the internet researching all the resources and relevant information. We even managed to come up with a couple exclusives (we think)!

The Kilowog images are believed to be FIRST LOOKS.

Is it the real thing?

Who knows?

UPDATED 1:51pm Eastern: Kilowog images verified.

Here is what we do know:

CREW (based on IMDB.COM):

    #1. Martin Cambpell (“Goldeneye,” “Mask of Zorro,” “Casino Royale”) is the director
    #2. Donald DeLine (“Italian Job,” “Fool’s Gold,” “I Love You Man”) is credited as one of the executive producers.
    #3. Greg Berlanti (“Everwood,” “Brothers & Sisters,” “Eli Stone”), Michael Green (“Smallville,” “Everwood,” “Heroes”) and Marc Guggenheim (“Brothers & Sisters,” “Eli Stone,” “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”) are credited with the screenplay.

CAST (based on IMDB.COM):

    1. Ryan Reynolds (“National Lampoon’s Van Wilder,” “The Proposal” & “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”) is Hal Jordan.
    2. Blake Lively (“The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2,” “Gossip Girl”) is Carol Ferris.
    3. Peter Sarsgaard (“Kinsey,” “The Skeleton Key,” “Jarhead”) is Hector Hammond.
    4. Mark Strong (“Sherlock Holmes,” “RocknRolla,” “Body of Lies”) is rumored to be Sinestro (according to ). It has also been rumored that Jackie Earle Haley (“Watchmen”) had been up for Sinestro, but based on the preceding link, that appears to not be the case.



    According to, director Martin Campbell said this, “Well, Kilowog will be [in it]. Tomar-Re is in it. Sinestro is in it. Abin Sur is in it. All the origin people. Carol [Ferris], of course, who will be played by Blake Lively. All the main characters are there, and it’s a complex story. The origin story of Green Lantern is complex, probably one of the most complex, which makes it a challenge to get it right.”
    Now, based on a script we found a couple years back at a comic book message board, Carol Ferris and Sinestro will not be the full fledged villains, but the characters will be set up as the villains for a second “Green Lantern” movie.
    Director Martin Campbell confirmed this in an interview with , that was published on their sister site, , “I think it will stick closely to the origin story, but we all know Sinestro, for an example, is a character who goes over to the dark side, and of course, Carol, played by Blake Lively, in later versions becomes a bad guy as well. I think people will be able to see forward to the characters that in the comic went on to (become bad guys)… but people will be ahead of us on all that I think.”

SCRIPT: (based on a Green Lantern Script(?) from 2008 – are they using the same?)

It is 15 years ago, and we meet a 12 year-old Hal who is talking to his father, Martin Jordan, a test pilot for Ferris Air. We then meet 12 year-old Carol Ferris who has a mouthful of braces.

During an air show, Martin Jordan’s plane explodes and Martin flies the jet away from the crowd and it explodes.

It is today and we then switch to outer space, and Abin Sur is in a space ship returning the body of Markot who had been slaughtered “in the service of protecting his sector.” Sur is discussing the death with Tomar-Re and it is raveled that three Lanterns had been “slaughtered before him [Markot].”

But as Abin Sur flies the ship, he is attacked by Legion. Legion, in the script is described as being “the size of a whale with tentacles of an octopus and a shark’s killer grin.”

-Continued After LEGION-

Here is how Legion appears in the “Emerald Dawn 2” comic:









Wounded in battle, Abin Sur, flies the ship towards Earth. As Carol Ferris is waiting to show off Ferris Air’s latest project, three pilot-less jets, that will go up against three piloted jets, with Hal Jordan being one of the pilots. Carol is hoping to sell the pilot-less jets to the United States government so, various senators and generals are on scene. But Hal Jordan is late because he is bed with a beautiful blond. But then the blond’s boyfriend shows up and Hal is off.

As Hal arrives and banters with Carol, we learned Hal and Carol apparently had sex after Junior Prom, however, Hal promises to be the pilot-less jet.

While in the air, the pilot-less jets take out the other two piloted jets, but Hal performs a risky maneuver that will leave him unconscious and he ends up beating the three pilot-less jets.

Hal lands the jet, banters with Carol and is grounded for his actions. As this happens, Abin Sur’s ship falls to Earth and the ring is sent out to find Hal.

We then switch to a scene between Hal and his family.

It then switches to outer space and we meet Sinestro and Tomar-Re for the first time. Sinestro hears of Abin Sur’s death and screams at the Guardians for doing nothing about their death.

We then go back to Hal, as he climbs into his Mustang, Hal is surrounded by a green energy and flies to where Abin Sur is told, basically, “You are a Green Lantern!”

Hal meets up with Abin Sur, and dies. Hal calls his friend Tom Kalmaku (aka Pie-face) to come and pick him up. Hal buries Abin Sur and Tom promises to bring the ship back to his place.

Later, we see Hazmat and government troopers combing the area of Abin Sur’s ship, and we meet Mr. Pipe who is searching for Abin Sur’s spaceship, but find nothing. This leads us to FBI headquarters where we meet Dr. Hector Hammond, who is performing an autopsy on a murdered crystal-meth dealer. Hector is brought in to perform an autopsy on Abin Sur.



Pipe claims Abin Sur was a friend. As Hammond autopsies Abin Sur, he finds a yellow piece of Legion. It continues to switch scenes with Hal holding up the ring that reveals the Green Lantern oath. As he recites it, the golden light from the piece Legion begins to mess with Hector Hammond.

After this, Carol comes to Hal’s apartment and takes him out to dinner. While out to dinner, they have lobsters and Hal’s ring comes to life and creates a hammer and cracks open her lobster.

Hal races from the restaurant out into a lobby where he meets the blond’s boyfriend and his pals.

They beat up Hal, but he creates a giant hand and punches them out.

Hal begins figuring out to use the ring.

We switch back to Hector Hammond who wakes up and finds himself reading people’s minds. He finds he can move things with his mind and he begins to menace his pretty assistant and his boss.

Back on Oa, Hal arrives and meets Sinestro and he trains. In this time, Sinestro asks the Guardians to weld a golden light against Legion, because the green light had no effect on Legion.

Hal sees the footage of Legion and says, “I am out of here!” He flies back to Earth as the rest of the Corps ready for battle with Legion.

We switch back to a West Virginia farmland where Hector Hammond is practicing his new powers with his boss.

Hal arrives back on Earth, as the Green Lantern Corps goes to war with Legion. Ferris Air holds another air show, and this time Hector Hammond’s father, a senator and former astronaut, agrees to fly to the thrill of the gathered crowd. Hector is in the crowd watching and he uses his mind games to screw with his father’s controls.



Hal changes into his Green Lantern uniform and saves the day. Green Lantern meets Carol and Hector’s head begins to transform.

Hal decides to use his powers for good, and Hector begins to develop his own powers more and more. Hal, in his Green Lantern uniform, takes a moment to talk with Carol.

Hector begins to use his powers to rob banks and appears dressed like a million bucks at a huge event that is being attended by many of Washington, D.C.’s elites and makes an obnoxious impression. He then attacks his father with his mind, but Pipe shows up with a gun trying to regain control of the situation. But the guns fire and Hector forces the bullets into his dad.

Hal hears about the incident with Hector and he flies off.

Hector and Hal fight it out, and Hector’s head gets bigger and bigger. Hector then reveals he knows Hal’s real identity, and he ends up using Hal to kill eight people.

Upset, Hal returns to Oa and encounters Sinestro. Sinestro explains what Legion is via the Book of Oa. Sinestro explains that 33 Lanterns were killed in the raid against Legion, but Legion was captured.

Hal asks Sinestro for help in taking out Hector. However, the Guardians tell Hal he needs to finish his training, but Hal said there is no time. He then returns the ring and walks off. Legion breaks out of his cell and begins to take out other Lanterns as Hal looks on with horror.

Hal then picks up the rings of all the dead Lanterns and he flies after Legion with ten rings.

Hal and Sinestro fight it out with Legion and Hal uses the Central Power Battery to destroy Legion. After the explosion, Hal falls to the ground and stands up with gray on his temples.

Sinestro asks the rest of the Lanterns to suit up and fly to Earth and assist Hal against Hammond.

Switching back to Earth, Carol discovers a hangar housing Abin Sur’s old ship and Hector arrives at Ferris Air looking for Hal. He is in a wheelchair and his head is huge now.

Hector sends out the previously mentioned pilot-less jets to destroy Coast City.

The rest of the Lanterns arrive and fight it out with the jets and save the day.

Hal confronts Hector and offers him the Power Ring in exchange for Carol. Carol is launched into the sky and Hector takes the ring and creates Legion. The ring reacts to Hector and explodes sending him back into his chair.



As Carol flies off, Hal’s ring is out of power, so he gets into an F-16 to catch Carol. Before Carol can hit a cliff, Hal hits the ejector button and grabs Carol. The ring comes back online, somehow, and he turns back into Green Lantern and both he and Carol kiss.

Later, the President of the United States announces that General Pipe, or Alan Scott as he is revealed, says that for years, he has known about aliens and the Corps.

Later Scott talks to Jordan and he admits he wore a ring and was able to contact Abin Sur.

The movie ends with seeing Hector in a facility.

Scott then urges Jordan to see the Universe, and Jordan agrees.

Jordan then bids farewell to Carol and Tom. He takes off into the sky and meets up with Sinestro and agrees to be trained and the movie ends.

Additonal concept art:

kilowog concept art 2

guardians concept art green lantern

abin sur tomar re green lantern movie


Green Lantern is set to debut in theatres June 11, 2011

MORE: Sony Pictures Imageworks as the lead visual effects studio on Green Lantern