Giancarlo Esposito Plays A ‘Badass’ In Captain America: Brave New World, Gets Physical

Watch the video of the actor offering an update about his mysterious MCU character.

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Giancarlo Esposito teases that he plays a badass in the MCU and Captain America: Brave New World and that his character even gets physical which suggests some cool action scenes.

The actor is already known for playing badass characters and teases what is in store for the MCU while at the première for his latest movie, Maxxxine, which also stars Mia Goth who is supposed to play the MCU’s Lilith in Blade.

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Fan art

“I’m a real badass”

Deadline questions the actor and asks what he can say about his character in Captain America: Brave New World and how it compares to his character in Maxxxine.

“Oh, it differs immensely,” says Esposito. “In my other life, I’m a real badass. You’ve seen me play a little bit of that intellectually as Gus Fring. When you see me in the MCU, you’re going to see a badass, and I’m excited for that.”

Esposito continues with a tease of the physical aspects of his mystery character in Captain America: Brave New World.

“Acting is using every part of your body, your emotions, your senses, your feelings to portray something,” he explains. “You haven’t seen me really use my body in a way I’ll be using it. The MCU is exciting. I can’t tell you who I play, but you’re gonna be excited when you see it.”

Watch the video:

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Captain America: Brave New World has a Feb. 14, 2025 release date directed by Julius Onah who has described the film as a paranoid thriller.

Also starring includes Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson, Harrison Ford as Thaddeus Ross, Liv Tyler as Betty Ross, Tim Blake Nelson as Samuel Sterns, Isaiah Bradley as Carl Lumbly, and Joaquin Torres as Danny Ramirez.

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